hi !

I'm lndonesian. Proudly to be an lndonesian.
I was making this page just for fun to make my days and my life bright up. But anyways, not doesnt means my life is  sorrow nowdays, LOL. 

Anyways, even it just for fun and killed my little-spare-time maybe (just little really), l still hope that something l wrote here, people can found much fun and interesting thing..

l was an employee in one of manufactures company. Yeap, l was working there. Maybe most of people will said 'are you serious?' or 'are you?' or 'doesnt its bored?' or 'did it so roboctic?' hahaha, many people asked like that when l telling l was manaufacture employee. But, lt doesnt border me to be fun-interesting person as they know before. :D

Yeap, l was an human resources employee. Sometimes isnt easy living and working in that position. Why? l will posting about this job review next month, so you will understand more about us. Not only judging all person in humanresources are su*ks or something as you know nowdays. Hiihii!

Well , but l passionate abot design and love art so well. Thats why sometimes l have side job in weekend and making this page to bit support my life needee beside office things. Before working as human resources, l did working as team artistic in one of the biggest magazine group in my counttry. So how do l love art, design, fashion, updating-lifestyle, writing, isnt just instant thing's. Let smile first please!

More About me :

Name          : Aulia Putri 
Occupation : Human Resources in Manufacture's
Passion      : Art , Photography , Painting , Writing
Instagram   : Alprish  
email          : cumpharsy@gmail.com

"We live just once. Please live with your own way , but also care about the standar's of the person that care and love you. because they're so rare in this world. and, you can't just live with your live only"


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