Saturday, 13 May 2017

Bandung , The Mostly Hate thing's for me


l posting this one from my Bandung when l was sitting in some chair at Bandung Airport, on my way back to my town in today. Mm, yap, this little city. Bandung. lf l can't say to all of you.. l hate this ciy, because actually l have an such un-describle feeling related this city. l don't know why. But l can tell you a little..

I never imagine l will have have memoeies or even reach this city, because Bandung was far away from my home. I don't have friend or family before whom stay on Bandung.

Till then l get kind like passed-free for University Studies. But un-lucky me, my mom not give me permission because it was so far from home, and also Bandung have too cold weather for me (at that time l have like cold iritation problem's). Okay that one was my first unfinishes bussiness with Bandung.

Next, after graduation from University (l go University in my city anw, in Surabaya), then l got job in Jakarta. In this job, l also often went to Bandunf to do my job. Start from then, l have more friends , relation, and also memories , once again with Bandung.

Lassst one, after l stayed in Jakarta 4th year, Bandung is very familiar for me. Its make me so easy falling in love with the kind of Bandung local man (we called it Sundanesse people). All l know, they're some love their parent's and religious. But, anw , l don't want ending my rest of life with Sundanesse man hahahahhaha 😂

Day by day, all of that reason we're arround my self. My unconsioussness. Because, l think l denial all that matter's, so the more l try to repress all my interesting to all Sundanesse man, the more lam trying to denial how l interest them. The more l say: l hate sundanesse. But, in fact, l think l more easy falling in love again with Bandung (even l hate it!.. Hahaha, still). l don't know, sometime it so easy that this city give me more feeling. Un-describeable. Unfinished feeling....

That l can't tell. But l can feel it.

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