Hello People,

Its monday. I know mostly everyone hate when monday come. But I was the kind of person that love monday , LOL, Pardon me, l lied. Okay so in this last monday in march, I want to talking about 'Positive Vibes'.

What is that? 
And do we always have positive vibes as human?

Every human feel free to feel anything about their emotions to react what happened in their life. I hope we never feel guilty by feel dissapointed with what-you-not-do in life or, maybe you give wrong's reaction or respond's to what happened in your life. Thats why, the first one can do is feel aware about everything.

Aware to your self, what wants, what its trying tranfering knowledge nd challenge to you. After you aware about anything at all, spread your vibes. The positive one. Positive Vibes doesnt meant always in good-positive situation or feeling. But it mostly how we react something (even the bad or hardest one) to be that 'cool' one. Yeap!

What you decide to reaction or respond's something is show who you are and what kind of people are you.

Which on are you when you feel free to choose to be positive vibes?



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