Hei All.

I just come back to the heaven , oups sorry I mean Holiday. Hahaha.. So where is the heaven I dound was yesterday ? :D Most people only know about Bali , Labuan Bajo , Raja Ampat when heard about Indonesia. But what about another unfamous island in my country? Do you ever imagine about going to Indonesia and advanture one island to another island? Or just go direct to the small unfamous island that I recommend to you? Let's talk about Madura Island. The place that my father come. Hahahha. 

This posting isnt my first time to write about Madura Island, cause in the couple of time ago, I wrote about my holiday in Gili Labak Island. If you read that posting first and now read this posting, you will know that Madura Island is quite enough to mark on your bookmark list of holiday or advanture.I will upload also some picture here about my last holiday in Madura Island, but l need time to move it first from my mobile phone. Fyi, yesterday I dont bring my Dslr, because l think l just want to enjoy the nature and jump to the sea :D

I need 2 days to go to some destination in Madura Island, I go there with my community, Backpacker Indonesia.com, Regional Surabaya , to celebrate this community anniversary for the 6th's. We went to Madura Island from Surabaya City in Saturday early morning (arround 01.00 AM) with rute like this:

01.00-04.30 : Went by Bus from Surabaya to Madura Island (From Bungurasih Terminal)
04.30-05.30 : Take rest, Take Prayers
05.30-06.00: Went by Public Transportation 
06.00-07.00 : Sailing with Traditional boat
07.00-11.00 : Reach Gili Genting and we explore 9's Beach 
11.00-12.00 : Went to Kahuripan Beach
12.00           : Reach Kahuripan, Go camping and explore the island !

Some pic of mine: 
 Landscape that we can enjoy after reach Madura  & Go by Local Rent Car in 30 Minute's

 Enjoying Sembilan Beach when we waiting another Local Transport that pick up us

The way we go from 9's Beach & We ever get lost and then found green savana

 Our Local Transport. This time our Car had trouble and we stopped in somewhere in the island

 Welcome in Kahuripan !

The Kahuripan Landscape & Iam looking some hill for jumping tomorrow
I swear I was jumping from there, but I still looking for my picture from my friend's camera. LOL

Swimming lalalala..

Do Zumba Dance and Yoga in Outdoor were so aweosme.

 This Cooking Presentation is show that we can cook , do plating and win cooking compettion :D

Here small of the part of that join this trip.

Happy 6th Anniversary, BPI Indonesia Reg. Surabaya!
Thanks to give awesome event in our trip. The Outdoor Yoga , The Zumba Dance , The Cooking Competition, The Sharing Moment, The Swim & Jump Time , The Explore Island are very2 make me excited :D

Love you all.


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