Though and Mind : Consequency of Life

Hello people,

Today I want to share to all of you about the power of Thought's. The power of mind. Yeap !
Everyone I think know that our Thought and Mind very strong effect to our life. Everyday living. Maybe we're forget sometimes about this. Or, Maybe we don't realize. Or, maybe we don't know ?

Well, I am here to tell you that. To break's the reality about that.

In fact, If you have time to realize, please try to remember what already happened to you before, to your life. Did you ever think that all thing's its bcause what you want? What you wished? What you pray's? What you-think-about-your-GOD-plan's ? What you predict? and bla bla.... Yes, We all have that kind of ability to create it. If we have a faith. If you believe me, try to remember what you already have right now and see clear & closed. For example, about your partnerlife, or GF/BF. Does he/she such kind of person you asked for in your every single pray? I could say yes. Even when you read what I wrote here you will say : No, Eh, Maybe....

So I want share to you, for 29's I live, l got all what i want. Near similar with every detail of the dreams I asked to GOD. Ohh well, I am I lucky person? Perhaps. Why perhaps?  

Yes- For all the dreams were comes true in my life
No- For the consequence l had because what dreams l asked for


Anw, I will not say l was regret about the (Bad) consequency I got, if yes maybe just for a while. I think, every human like as deserve anything. Not only the good one, but the bad one. Why the bad one too? Yes, because if we only deserve the good one, we're not learn anything. We're not grow up. Maybe after I told you this, you will be carefull to asked your dreams or remarks what you want, oh I think no need to do that thing's. You're just human. Its free to do whatever you want and what you already want to try. All you need to prepare it just the consequency after the thing's happened. The good one, and the bad one. 

Start everything, everyday with positive attitude, positive willing, and positive mind's to other's, to everyone.. I not say it must be perfect, cause life isn't. and far from it. All we can do as human is do the best part of us and share every moment's with everyone we live........

Much of Love,


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