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My saturyday breakfast

Dear People,

I'm the kind of east girl that always have breakfast in the morning since when l'm kid's , but... I can't eat 'rice' in the early morning like any east people did.. :D LOL 


Mmm, maybe because since when in childhood, my daddy always prepare my breakfast with kind like Toast Bread , Sandwich , Omellette , Salad's , Cereal & Milk. Oh yeah! But I never finished drink's my white-milk hahahaha.. 

Today, l want share my favourite menu's for breakfast. If ussualy l already share the option about breakfast menu such as bread with jam, bread with topping's, sandwich, pasta, salad, pancake, waffel, or just the mix of egg & potatoes serve with sauce mayonaise, but now this is the new one that l forget to share before:


Have you ever heard about Nice Cream or have you ever taste it? It is originally made from Ftozen Banana. Yummy!!!

So here's the way to make simple Nice Cream (This is the basic one, and you can mix with another taste such as: Green Tea, Mint, Apple, Chocolate, etc). And, you can give extra topping's such as Almond, Raisin, Granola, Any kind of Fruit's.......

Recipe Basic of Nice Cream:
3 Frozen Banana (Keep on Freezer 1Night)
2 Spoon of Sugar
1 Little Spoon of essen's

Dried Raisin
Slice of Fruit's

After you blend all banana and the ingredient's, put the cream to the bowl or maybe any other nice stuff. Put the slice of fruit mix and other in top of the cream as topping. Enjoy!


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