What you Feel ?

What do you feel when you know that someone that you (started) love is already love another people because you did something stupid before?

Did you think it was your mistake's? Or, you think that, there's nothing's happened because no reason? Perhaps.

Even you did something stupid, and you think you're stupid. Did you think that your stupid-ness isnt planning by GOD for your goodness? 

Lets think. Realize. 

Maybe, if not that stupid thing's not happened, you will always think that he was the one, it was him. But, how if not him? How if you choose wrong person? 

How if, with you did something stupid, you far with him and you will meet new person that more love you. And the fact is, you're deserve for that person. Isn't because he better, but you're deserve what you earn. Deserve the best you can have. 

So, if anything bad happened or regret you, never feel so sorry to your self or blame it was your self.. 

No no, no, Big no. It was a God hand-Shake's and Universe will. Let's trust and Let be what it need's to be...........


Wednesday, September , 22


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