Thursday, 22 September 2016

What l should to do with Life

Everytime I see "Ship" picture in somewhere, its keep me remember that in life we should have destination. Or at least The-Life-We-Want-To-Live .. can you imagine if don't? We waste time. Lose the opportunities. So what do you want to choose if you know all of these?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

What you Feel ?

What do you feel when you know that someone that you (started) love is already love another people because you did something stupid before?

Did you think it was your mistake's? Or, you think that, there's nothing's happened because no reason? Perhaps.

Even you did something stupid, and you think you're stupid. Did you think that your stupid-ness isnt planning by GOD for your goodness? 

Lets think. Realize. 

Maybe, if not that stupid thing's not happened, you will always think that he was the one, it was him. But, how if not him? How if you choose wrong person? 

How if, with you did something stupid, you far with him and you will meet new person that more love you. And the fact is, you're deserve for that person. Isn't because he better, but you're deserve what you earn. Deserve the best you can have. 

So, if anything bad happened or regret you, never feel so sorry to your self or blame it was your self.. 

No no, no, Big no. It was a God hand-Shake's and Universe will. Let's trust and Let be what it need's to be...........


Wednesday, September , 22

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Morning Date? Ehem

Morning peopeleee......

Oh well, First of all I want to say that I wrote this post not just because I just came from go out with a guy (I dont know it was date or not), but let say, I have a breakfast with this guy. Why I wrote in here about this topic? Most of reader will think that isnt interesting topic but for me its important to tell about my experienced and I dont care about what you guys thinking whats on my mind yet, boom! Hahahah.....

So, why I think I need to wrote about Morning-Dating? Mmmm, For me, Personally, I more feel great & Thankfull if a guy ask me fo out and having time with me in the morning. For even just have breakfast together, or have a cup of drink & eat the couples of pie or toast or anything sweet together. Its a wow wow wow things for me ! And Guys, if you ever having time with me in the morning before, oh yeah you're ean to me and special. WHY?  These the reason why having breakfast with someone special is special:

1. People Lazy To Go Out in The Morning

Yeap, in between wake up time and daily office our , who will make a plan with ?someone? Or, if its weekend, Who want wake up early just for breakfast outside with someone?

Except you're very special or maybe bussiness things :p

2. Most People (Only) Love Having Dinner

Yeap, Fancy Dinner, or Romantic Dinner with all the things that bla bla bla, is that all so bullsh** ? If someone ask you to go dinner, I know you will do all preparation like buy dress, go to saloon, wearing your swarovski etc... In breakfast Date, have you think that if you only need just to be the real of yourself? And just enough to bring your own sunshine :)

3. People Forget Breakfast Time is Most Important Moment To Have With Closest People

Do you remember every morning you always sit in your dining room with your family to having breakfast together? Eat together, laugh, telling each others stories and what will do today and this weekend. Oh come on, Some people forget about the way they have simply quality time about. Make it simple & Qualifiend! Start it.

Its quite interest to have breakfast with them? You must try soon. I have one this sunday, and its alot happy things. Simple. Human. Honest one :)

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Tiga Warna Beach

hi people, happy weekend!

Last year, 
l went to Malang city with some of friend of mine. We went to culinary trip and ending with hoping beach to beach. Where we went to? So here the list and picture l will share to you about the beach we enjoy at that time. l exactly dont know how to go to these beach, because it so so long time from Malang city. Hehehehe. You can use google map, cause its already shown there. But, before you go to these beach, you must register first to the comittee of the Tiga Warna Beach. Why?

Because, Tiga Warna Beach only accept 150 visitor each day. The comittee will stop after 150 people full.  Why only 150? We trying to keep cleaning that beach. To make the originin of the beach. You can see how beautiful they are. See at the picture, and l will tell you where you start from hehehe...

Iam sorry, maybe my picture is random.

First Beach is Celungup, Gatra, Mini, Savanna, and Tiga Warna. 

But most of all, the first time you come, after parking your car or motorcyle, you must re-register in entrace area, after that, the comitter will check whats-on-your-bag. What you brings. Its like: How many paper you bring, how many plastic bottle you bring, how manny plastic snacks you bring, etc. They check all our things and record. They will confirm you, if you coming back after enjoying the beach they will check again and count. ITS THESE THE SAME THINGS & NUMBERS YOU HAD LIKE YOU CAME? Because, they dont want you left the trash at the beach. They want you bring back your things & trash. 

You know, 
lf your thing is less , they will ask you money 100.000,- rupiah's /things(trash).
So, dont left your trash and things everywhere at the beach. Isnt about how many you will pay when you go back out, but about to keep clean the beach :)

Oh yeah, the best thing you can do, you can do snorkling in Tiga Warna Beach, its awesome! But, you only can spending 2 hours in this beach, because the comittee rule trying to organize the crowded and keep clean the beach. So, if you want to have a camp, you can camp at Gatra Beach or Celungup. lt was nice :)

Happy beach-ing !!