Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Did you ever re-think, What you want about your life?


I've been question it a couple of years ago. It seems so old, and now I want to question it again, and again. About something what I really want, and about the things I wishes stay with me in this life forever..

I've been wanted my self as like that, or like bla bla bla, you know what? Everythings come to me. GOD's gave me. I felt blessed. Yet I felt schock. Because, some of the wishes are answered to me when I really not expected it will. I count one by one about the wishes I asked since when I was young, but my 10finger's was never enough to say it. In fact, my-little-accidently-words who-I-not-predict to say, also happened. For the good one, or even the bad one......

How dare I?

Oh yes I was so worry now about saying something. Cause, soon or later GOD answered.. Just open your eyes and heart to see and heart it..
If you trust GOD,
everything that you whispered to ask, will answered..With magic's way. The way that you never know where was is start, and bring you to the unknown journey thats keep you being better human..

After 29 years I live, The biggest wishes that I got was when I working in the magazine last 3 years ago (for 3years). And meet you..

Friday, 19 August 2016


Hey People,

I was suddenly sat on the beach at that time. I dont have a plan to do that in the early-sunset when everyone is keep busy in their camp or having fire-wood-celebration outside there. But whell, I like to be in the silent place. Stay alone. Heard the sound of the beach. The whisper of the wave. The unlimited sign from all arround the world trying to sent tocme at that night.

So, what you like to do in the night coming?
Clubbing? Partying? Sleep? Or still working? Maybe you have good time with your lover? Ooh Ooh, jusy maybe..

But I like mostly to be alone and stay with my own self. Keep wondering life. Talk to GOD after heard the universe's signs.........

Talk to GOD.
Talk to GOD in the middle night, or early morning. When every one keep busy sleepy and enjoy they're beta. Keep talking and sharing your life with GOD. Everything will be so clearly just find and makes you feel okay..