Well ya,

Tonight I will telling all of you that the most thing's that I want in this life, or let say it was my third dreams (first; working in magazine & second one is marry) was, having & living in White-Traditional-House with Modern interior inside the house. I download picture by browsing in, and the look of my-dream-white-house is like this:

Dream about this house (Please my future husband,make our house like this even I know wherever we are as long as together then will be fine, but this house will be feel like dessert for our family ;) )

This house design is refer to Scandinavian House. Have you heard about Scandinavian living home before? Oke, this design is adopt from Swedish, Denmark Icelandia and any other Europian house outside there. 

The most Scandinavian Sign in their Exterior house is, mostly their colour is netral/monochrome colours. Such as White , Grey , Dark-Navy. But mostly are white. The most Scandinavian interior is, they always use:

-Netral/monochrome (again),
-White wood as their mostly house tool's,
-Nature sign in their house accesories,
simple furniture (but fungsional not only for decration).

You can see some picture (again that I take from google, please forgive me to use anther people pic, but juat for this post only; untill I really have my white house hahaha).

Look the furniture , house accesories and the whole of interior look inside. Dont I falling so hard for all of this?

And , the thing's that will make my white house perfect , I want some wood chair with unfinished paint will be put in the garden. Because I want having afternoon tea time or even garden party or garden lunch with my family. Or maybe garden canddle light dinner with my husband when the kids slept? :D

Wish this dream come true so fast. aamiin!

how about your dream, have you?!


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