Lombok ?

Oh yes ,
Did you ever hear about Mawun Beach before in Lombok? Maybe this beach is not quite famous such as Gili Trawangan , Gili Island , or Gili Meno , and Sengigi. Because that 4 beach are so famous. And worldwild. But, l falling in love so much with this beach.

Mawun Beach is my last destination with Aan Bay when I go to Lombok Island. I go to this beach because one of my friend suggest me to go to this beach. Even in first time I dont have any idea where this beach are. Hahahaha, but lucky me, me and my sister have bike and mobile phone, so w drive along the street and using our mobile phone with waze application to give us the direction of Mawun Beach.

This is beach is so silent..........
When l come, maybe only not more than 20 people (include local people whom seller something) in this beach. I suddenly take many picture of this whole beautifull beach and go for swimming of course!

This beach are perfect for me, not because a silent beach, but it also have beautifull view when you se it. Like half of bowl of the sea & inside this bowl of sea have so clean blue water. The wavr also nice, but some in some area's, it also have good wave for body surfing/surfing. Its safe if you do that both water sport because the nice wave will bring you back again to the sand, not to the ocean ;D


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