I want to sharing that in the busy hell time like this, we need good food. so be smart to choice your food. live health!

Before start your daily activities, make sure you have breakfast to give your brain and body energy. No need the 'heavy food if you're lazy to prepare. l know most of us sometime dont have enough time to prepare food in the early morning. But, Breakfast is a MUST!. Take time in 6-8 a.m to prepare before we start our full daily activity.

Maybe the easy menu for breakfast you can choose are: Pancake , Sandwich , Waffel , Baffel , Bread/Toast , Sandwich, and Milk , Oatmeal, Nicecream,.........

These one of my breakfast that l made before go to office (Sometime l make Sushi):

And, beside breakfast, I think you still need smart snack's in the mid breakfast and lunch. Arround 9-11a.m :
Chip and Mozarella or sour mayonaise with vegetables is my favourite one. You can also try chocolate (is good if you are in stressed situation), or drink Tarik Tea / Matcha like the way l did is better...

For lunch, maybe you can try to eat pasta: 
Fretuccini or Carbonara. Its good choice! :

How about Dinner?
 Eat less , but completed. Carbohidrate + Vegetables + Proteins.
 Steak & Potatoes are the famous one and long last. You can take dinner at 6-7p.m :

This my favourite: 
Maryam/Chapati + French Fries + Mushroom Baked and Mayonaise

How about your daily food?
Its good?
Its health?

Its easy?


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