"A good journey is one that we'e never plan before" 

I think, that tagline was right. The first time I want to said about my-Bromo-Journey is that tagline first. At that time, l not ready to go anywhere. It was Friday, when l text to my best friend like this : 

"Where you will go for tomorrow ? "
 ( Tomorrow is her Birthday and l want to go to her house or something to give little suprise )

She text me back : 
"l will go to Bromo Mountain in the late night, are you have plan? What about join with me and my cousin's. If yes, l will looking any man that can drive you by bike, cause l go with my cousin by bike. So we will go with 2 bike"


Then suddenly it day change, tomorrow come's. We go to Bromo Mountain actually !
Why damn ? Mm, dont think that we will go real-hiking because Bromo Mountain just very little mountain , still active , and its not for hiking activities. Its just like Entertain-ing-Mountain if l can describe you well. Many local people in my country still believe about some local stories / belief those related with this Mountain. Its related with Hinduism religion. Many local tradition is celebrated in this mountain.

But why l think damn? First one, this mountain is had bad story before for me, but because isnt important again for my life, so l will skip that bad-jerk haha. So, after that moment, l decide to hate BROMO !! hahaha... Okey, I will continue my story. Then , after take a couple of time, we reach the top of Bromo and Wcthing the Beautiful Sunrise also celebrating my best friend Birthday-Suprised, my best friend just suddenly said :

"Hey , l think your Traumatic's about Bromo is gone, l think you already move on, its mean you already take your past story behind your self. And, l also see now you not allergic with cool-weather too !" 

Oh Damn, She's true! She's Right!
How do l see my self today's when l was in the top of Bromo was feel so happy. l really even not realize that l already at this mountain. l also believe that , "when we're changed and make some progress, maybe we think we're not, but other people's see it so clear"



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