Things to do When Yo Feel Your Life is Sucks : MEDITATION

Hello everyone, hows going on?

 I hope everyone feel awesome today. Because I think, that February little sucks" , ahahahaa.. yes, let say sucks' for the hectic and rush moment. Yeap, but it doesnt mean that life were bad. 

No , No, No,,, Life still awesome! But when we got all things so busy, and need a break, but we cant. WHAT WOULD WE DO? WHAT Baby, what?? :D

Here we go,
When your head start 'spinning arround', or you start forget important things, or you dont had a quality time bit, oh yeah.. I thing you need tis some point to do as soon as you can :


You can start anytime and anywhere. 
Choose the silent-place you can deal.
Take shit with pose of do meditation
(like l give in this post and relax your body)
Close your eyes put off your hand relax.
Ignore the voice arround.
Focus with yourself.
Take deep breath.
Make your mind and thought empty.
Imagine about the beautiful landscape.
The mountain, the lake, or the beach.
Imagine you there and it was so peace.
Imagine you feel peace, free, happy.
You feel happy, and free.
Say it louder to yourself.
Happy and free.
I'm Happy, I'm happy...".
Repeat during you take breath..

Then open your eyes :)

I Choose to do my meditation moment's in some place called Omah-Kayu ( In English is refer to "Wood-House" ). This placed located in Banyak Mountain , in East Java. This Placed will be good choice if you want do your meditation. But I suggest you to go to this placed in very early morning, because when you're late, you will not get good-silent-spot to do meditation!


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