Lunar's 2016

Hello guys,

Well everyone knows about Chinese New Year. 
Yeap, its quite different with our common New Year those we celebrated in every the end of December to welcoming 1st January. The Chinese New Year, or mostly people familiar with "Lunar", is celebrated in couple of mont after "common-new-year-that-we-known"...........

Lunar , or Chinese New Year were counting by the China calender's. Its quite different with our common normal calender. In Chinese tradition, they use manything to predict something or future. If you have chinese friend's you will so common to heard about the chinese tradition. If not , if you ever seen in movie , or in Asian Channel / News , maybe you ever known about China Tradition or culture such as The Sign of birth date; Zodiac and Shio, Feng Shui , etc. 

For 2016, this year is called Gold-Monkey Year.
Every year will be different year. Different sign of the Shio, even every Chinese New Year celebrated will be the same. There's always be common stuff for decorated such as: Sakura, the China-Lampions. In the Chinese new year celebration , you will see Barongsai (China Dragon) Dance, and see that Barongsai take every Angphao (Put Money in Red-Chinese-Envelope) in every place. 

They also praying to the Vihara, eat Moon-Cake and Keranjang Cake (l dont know what its caled in English hahaha. oHYA , The traditional music of the Barongsai Dance will always heard everywhere such as in mall, Vihara or other public place. And l love it. .

l love Lunar so much!!


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