Krakatau Mountain

Dear all,

Last couple of month, l went to this awesome non active Mountain. Little Krakatau Mountain. lts located in Lampung, Sumatra Island. l was go to this place from Surabaya.

From Surabaya go to Jakarta by Train, After reach Jakarta we go to Sebuku Kecil Island. We stay in this island a couple of days.  In the second days, we go so early by small local boat to cross the sea and reach the Little Krakatau Mountain. It was Almost sunrise when we reach the island. Most all l see in this island is like red and dark. Hahaha!

After reach the island, l and friends having small breakfast first. After having breafast and tidy up all the things, we start go up and hiking. This is the small track's that l had when l hiking mountain. Not more than an hours l already reach the top of the mountain even l hiking with taking some picture. Picture of landscapes, and also take picture of my friends whom will marry. Hihiii..

Anw, Almost this Mountain was red , black, something like that. Because this is non active mountain, all this mountain almost land and ground. But in here we can still found some tree and grass..

When l was on the top of the mountain, l can see all the awesome view. The island, thw Krakatau Moutain, the blue ocean.. !he red view

Helo from Little Krakatau Mountain

The land of the Mountain

In the top

This is the view from the Top


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