I dont know why, I love fruits so much, and todays, I want to share to all of you what that good fruits other's lemonade those can do detoxification for your body. But before that, I give you what the function of this detox-fruit first..

Some of fruit's is help our body to do detox activities inside. They works like washing-machine. Cleaning up the inside body and healing the poison when do detox. Like Antiocsidant things. If that fruit can do detox or do antiocsidant, it also can helps us to have strong-body and having good-metabolisme. But the most of that, in fact, we will not easy to get sick or being weak when the weather are easy to changed and give bad influence for our body.

This is the list of the Antiocsidant fruit's that can do toxic:


If you dont like to eat these fruit directly, you can to do this thing:

Yeap, you can blended one of this fruits: strawberry , raspberry , blueberry, watermelon. Put less of sugar. Remember dont give to much, cause its not good for our healthy. You can just blended 1 fruit's ( for example's making strawberry juice / smoothies ) Or, you can making mix of 2 fruit's directly ( for example's making blueberry & raspberry together for smothies )

Definity yes, for mixing strawberry or raspberry or blueberry arround your bowl of oat. It will give the taste of sweet and sour taste inside your mouth

Blended each that fruit and mix with sugar, then keep in good-bottle. And , you can eat them daily with your bread , or even waffle / baffle !

You can eat your pancake with the caramel's syrup and mix it with strawberry , or raspberry, or blueberry directly. Wash them first with fresh water, then make it slice, and put the fruit's as topping with whipped-cream in the top of your pancake's

For lemonade, you can make an infushed water. Yes, put in glass or your bottle-drink and mix it with fresh water. You can also use strawberry to make another one's. This kind of drink's is good if you can drink in the morning , or in after you go to the gym or take some sport's!


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