The beautifull Gili Labak Island..

Last september , 
l went to the small un-social island near Madura Island (East Java), the name of the island is Gililabak lsland.

Tis isnt my first tim l went to some lsland. But this time was special, because l really having time to explore the island in night till a days. Or even more. hhehe..

Tis island is basically have about arround -+30 local people whom stayed. Only few of house. Maybe arround 10 if l not wrong. And, there is one small Mosque for Moslem people, because almost all these people were Moslem. They came from Madura lsland, go to Gililabak lsland by the wood-ship and decide to move to this island for stay forever with their family. This people are Maduranesse Ethnic, they so common move from one place to another place for better life. ln this island they living as Fisherman, rent house for the tourist , make a food and sell it to their warung (local small restaurant), etc.. 

ln Gililabak, you can do many many many things :D

When l went to this island, 
l was stay in my tent for camp a couple of days. l and friends decide to stay in tent to got the atmosphere of nature and felt how the wind of the beach-wind will blow our hair..hihihi.. 

lf you dont like stay in tent like me, you can rent a local house from local people. lf l not wrong, lts about 100.000-200.000 rupiah or its mean aeeound 10-20 dollar (year 2015). But, remember, even you stay in a house, you can got good facilities such as tv , breakfast, swimming pool like when you stay in hotel when. This island just simply local-unsocial island.

They also dont have television. They also only have electric for energy only in 07.00am untill 09.00pm. So, when you need.charger your mobile, you must remark the time. But, no worry, sometimes your local simcard of mobile phone it doesnt work anymore in this island. Maybe only 1-2 simcard were works anyway..

Well, the important , you will not found good water here. Only Salty water like the ocean water..Wether you like it or not, its salty anywere.... :p

These the list activities you can do in Gililbak Island:

*Explore the lsland (l did in -+30 minutes by walking)
*Snorkling (they rent the snorkling set tools if you dont have)
*Fishing (we got many big fish with good taste)
*Sailing arround the island
*Enjoy sunset and sunrise
*Enjoy the best Coconut ice 
*Enjoy local food
*Do take many good view


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