Explore : Bajol Mati and Bale Kambang Beach (Malang)

Hi guys,

l explore my local city in country last December 2015. Ohya, l went to Malang city , East Java , Indonesia. Have you ever heard about that city before? :D

This maybe late post, 
but l think its oke because there's cool story for you to read when you will go to this city in future.

Malang city is the second big city in East java. ln this city, you can enjoy many many many things... Aaahh , yap its true! Because, Malang demography is in high land and has cool weather. Don't worry, it will feels nice for yor skin. You will love this city much.

In Malang, you can start enjoy-ing the food-culinary, such as : Fruit-Chips (Apel, Jackfruit, Pineaple, etc) untill local main food like 'bakso-bakar' (Baked-Meat-Ball's) , or dessert like 'surabi' (This one is made from plain four mix with coconut milk & its cook with traditional baked stuff ! ) , and etc... 

l can called Malang was "alive" city. Even Malang was a little city than Surabaya ( as capital city of East Java ) , but this city is never bored. Malang also famous as "student" city , because there's many student come from another little city arround East Java and went to college in Malang. So this city always have 24 hour's for you. 

Beside that, Malang is very famous also with the entertainment place such as: Batu Night Spectaculer, Jatim Park, Museum Angkut, Labirin Park in Cuban Rondo, etc. 

Beside all of that, Malang is also famous with nature destination for all people who love nature, traveling, and enjoy another view from the land of the earth. Start from waterfall such as Cuban Rondo, or hiking in Small Mountain like Panderman, or visiting the beach. Yeap, Malang have many beach arround , because the located was almost near in the corner of the east java island, and the line of the city was the line of the east java , then meet the Pacific Ocean.

Some beach that very famous and you must visited: 

-Tiga Warna
-Mini and Savanah
-Kondang Merak
-Kondang Buntung
-Bale Kambang

I did visited all that list of the beach in Malang. For todays I will share first about the two beach I visited in Last December 2015:  Kondang Buntung Beach and Bale Kambang Beach !

I went to this two beach with my team from office mate. We went start Saturday night arround 08.00pm to Malang by Bike. Reach Malang City, about 10.00pm. We stay 1 night in Friends house and went to sleep. In tomorrow morning arround 06.00am we went by bike again to that 2 beach.


In Kondang Buntung, 
We do Canoe-Sailing the local small lake, we did sailing arround and do jump sometimes to the water , do swim, and again go to boat, again jump :D , anw, this price rent is quite cheap: 25.000/person (about 2$/person)

After go sailing the lake, we do swim again hihii.. After that we crafting and hungrry. Then finally we go lunch with the bento we already pack. For your information, Bring your food and bento when go to this beach, because this beach still silent place. No one selling food :(

Lunch finished and we take picture so many many many, hehehehe.. Then we continue to second beach..

 The Kondang Buntung Beach

 The view of the small lake that we do sailing


This beach near with Kondang Buntung Beach, only 10minute. The special of this beach are, it have Pura / Temple in the small island of this beach like in my picture. People can go to this temple by walking in the bridge. This permanet bridge, so it so safe. You can take many picture here, cause it was so awesome. In this world, there so rare beach having Temple, all I know Indonesia had 2: Bale Kambang , Malang and Tanah Lot & Uluwatu Bali. This temple is about place for praying for Hinduisme people. This Temple is also the Icon and Symbol of The Hindu-Kingdom's last decade.

We really having fun in this beach, cause we do many things. We play football, volley-water, drinks coconut, also take many picture :D

 The Hinduism Temple

 Bale Kambang Beach

The Bridge


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