Saturday, 27 February 2016

Explore : Bajol Mati and Bale Kambang Beach (Malang)

Hi guys,

l explore my local city in country last December 2015. Ohya, l went to Malang city , East Java , Indonesia. Have you ever heard about that city before? :D

This maybe late post, 
but l think its oke because there's cool story for you to read when you will go to this city in future.

Malang city is the second big city in East java. ln this city, you can enjoy many many many things... Aaahh , yap its true! Because, Malang demography is in high land and has cool weather. Don't worry, it will feels nice for yor skin. You will love this city much.

In Malang, you can start enjoy-ing the food-culinary, such as : Fruit-Chips (Apel, Jackfruit, Pineaple, etc) untill local main food like 'bakso-bakar' (Baked-Meat-Ball's) , or dessert like 'surabi' (This one is made from plain four mix with coconut milk & its cook with traditional baked stuff ! ) , and etc... 

l can called Malang was "alive" city. Even Malang was a little city than Surabaya ( as capital city of East Java ) , but this city is never bored. Malang also famous as "student" city , because there's many student come from another little city arround East Java and went to college in Malang. So this city always have 24 hour's for you. 

Beside that, Malang is very famous also with the entertainment place such as: Batu Night Spectaculer, Jatim Park, Museum Angkut, Labirin Park in Cuban Rondo, etc. 

Beside all of that, Malang is also famous with nature destination for all people who love nature, traveling, and enjoy another view from the land of the earth. Start from waterfall such as Cuban Rondo, or hiking in Small Mountain like Panderman, or visiting the beach. Yeap, Malang have many beach arround , because the located was almost near in the corner of the east java island, and the line of the city was the line of the east java , then meet the Pacific Ocean.

Some beach that very famous and you must visited: 

-Tiga Warna
-Mini and Savanah
-Kondang Merak
-Kondang Buntung
-Bale Kambang

I did visited all that list of the beach in Malang. For todays I will share first about the two beach I visited in Last December 2015:  Kondang Buntung Beach and Bale Kambang Beach !

I went to this two beach with my team from office mate. We went start Saturday night arround 08.00pm to Malang by Bike. Reach Malang City, about 10.00pm. We stay 1 night in Friends house and went to sleep. In tomorrow morning arround 06.00am we went by bike again to that 2 beach.


In Kondang Buntung, 
We do Canoe-Sailing the local small lake, we did sailing arround and do jump sometimes to the water , do swim, and again go to boat, again jump :D , anw, this price rent is quite cheap: 25.000/person (about 2$/person)

After go sailing the lake, we do swim again hihii.. After that we crafting and hungrry. Then finally we go lunch with the bento we already pack. For your information, Bring your food and bento when go to this beach, because this beach still silent place. No one selling food :(

Lunch finished and we take picture so many many many, hehehehe.. Then we continue to second beach..

 The Kondang Buntung Beach

 The view of the small lake that we do sailing


This beach near with Kondang Buntung Beach, only 10minute. The special of this beach are, it have Pura / Temple in the small island of this beach like in my picture. People can go to this temple by walking in the bridge. This permanet bridge, so it so safe. You can take many picture here, cause it was so awesome. In this world, there so rare beach having Temple, all I know Indonesia had 2: Bale Kambang , Malang and Tanah Lot & Uluwatu Bali. This temple is about place for praying for Hinduisme people. This Temple is also the Icon and Symbol of The Hindu-Kingdom's last decade.

We really having fun in this beach, cause we do many things. We play football, volley-water, drinks coconut, also take many picture :D

 The Hinduism Temple

 Bale Kambang Beach

The Bridge

Friday, 26 February 2016



I dont know why, I love fruits so much, and todays, I want to share to all of you what that good fruits other's lemonade those can do detoxification for your body. But before that, I give you what the function of this detox-fruit first..

Some of fruit's is help our body to do detox activities inside. They works like washing-machine. Cleaning up the inside body and healing the poison when do detox. Like Antiocsidant things. If that fruit can do detox or do antiocsidant, it also can helps us to have strong-body and having good-metabolisme. But the most of that, in fact, we will not easy to get sick or being weak when the weather are easy to changed and give bad influence for our body.

This is the list of the Antiocsidant fruit's that can do toxic:


If you dont like to eat these fruit directly, you can to do this thing:

Yeap, you can blended one of this fruits: strawberry , raspberry , blueberry, watermelon. Put less of sugar. Remember dont give to much, cause its not good for our healthy. You can just blended 1 fruit's ( for example's making strawberry juice / smoothies ) Or, you can making mix of 2 fruit's directly ( for example's making blueberry & raspberry together for smothies )

Definity yes, for mixing strawberry or raspberry or blueberry arround your bowl of oat. It will give the taste of sweet and sour taste inside your mouth

Blended each that fruit and mix with sugar, then keep in good-bottle. And , you can eat them daily with your bread , or even waffle / baffle !

You can eat your pancake with the caramel's syrup and mix it with strawberry , or raspberry, or blueberry directly. Wash them first with fresh water, then make it slice, and put the fruit's as topping with whipped-cream in the top of your pancake's

For lemonade, you can make an infushed water. Yes, put in glass or your bottle-drink and mix it with fresh water. You can also use strawberry to make another one's. This kind of drink's is good if you can drink in the morning , or in after you go to the gym or take some sport's!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Lunar's 2016

Hello guys,

Well everyone knows about Chinese New Year. 
Yeap, its quite different with our common New Year those we celebrated in every the end of December to welcoming 1st January. The Chinese New Year, or mostly people familiar with "Lunar", is celebrated in couple of mont after "common-new-year-that-we-known"...........

Lunar , or Chinese New Year were counting by the China calender's. Its quite different with our common normal calender. In Chinese tradition, they use manything to predict something or future. If you have chinese friend's you will so common to heard about the chinese tradition. If not , if you ever seen in movie , or in Asian Channel / News , maybe you ever known about China Tradition or culture such as The Sign of birth date; Zodiac and Shio, Feng Shui , etc. 

For 2016, this year is called Gold-Monkey Year.
Every year will be different year. Different sign of the Shio, even every Chinese New Year celebrated will be the same. There's always be common stuff for decorated such as: Sakura, the China-Lampions. In the Chinese new year celebration , you will see Barongsai (China Dragon) Dance, and see that Barongsai take every Angphao (Put Money in Red-Chinese-Envelope) in every place. 

They also praying to the Vihara, eat Moon-Cake and Keranjang Cake (l dont know what its caled in English hahaha. oHYA , The traditional music of the Barongsai Dance will always heard everywhere such as in mall, Vihara or other public place. And l love it. .

l love Lunar so much!!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Things to do When Yo Feel Your Life is Sucks : MEDITATION

Hello everyone, hows going on?

 I hope everyone feel awesome today. Because I think, that February little sucks" , ahahahaa.. yes, let say sucks' for the hectic and rush moment. Yeap, but it doesnt mean that life were bad. 

No , No, No,,, Life still awesome! But when we got all things so busy, and need a break, but we cant. WHAT WOULD WE DO? WHAT Baby, what?? :D

Here we go,
When your head start 'spinning arround', or you start forget important things, or you dont had a quality time bit, oh yeah.. I thing you need tis some point to do as soon as you can :


You can start anytime and anywhere. 
Choose the silent-place you can deal.
Take shit with pose of do meditation
(like l give in this post and relax your body)
Close your eyes put off your hand relax.
Ignore the voice arround.
Focus with yourself.
Take deep breath.
Make your mind and thought empty.
Imagine about the beautiful landscape.
The mountain, the lake, or the beach.
Imagine you there and it was so peace.
Imagine you feel peace, free, happy.
You feel happy, and free.
Say it louder to yourself.
Happy and free.
I'm Happy, I'm happy...".
Repeat during you take breath..

Then open your eyes :)

I Choose to do my meditation moment's in some place called Omah-Kayu ( In English is refer to "Wood-House" ). This placed located in Banyak Mountain , in East Java. This Placed will be good choice if you want do your meditation. But I suggest you to go to this placed in very early morning, because when you're late, you will not get good-silent-spot to do meditation!

Thursday, 11 February 2016


The beautifull Gili Labak Island..

Last september , 
l went to the small un-social island near Madura Island (East Java), the name of the island is Gililabak lsland.

Tis isnt my first tim l went to some lsland. But this time was special, because l really having time to explore the island in night till a days. Or even more. hhehe..

Tis island is basically have about arround -+30 local people whom stayed. Only few of house. Maybe arround 10 if l not wrong. And, there is one small Mosque for Moslem people, because almost all these people were Moslem. They came from Madura lsland, go to Gililabak lsland by the wood-ship and decide to move to this island for stay forever with their family. This people are Maduranesse Ethnic, they so common move from one place to another place for better life. ln this island they living as Fisherman, rent house for the tourist , make a food and sell it to their warung (local small restaurant), etc.. 

ln Gililabak, you can do many many many things :D

When l went to this island, 
l was stay in my tent for camp a couple of days. l and friends decide to stay in tent to got the atmosphere of nature and felt how the wind of the beach-wind will blow our hair..hihihi.. 

lf you dont like stay in tent like me, you can rent a local house from local people. lf l not wrong, lts about 100.000-200.000 rupiah or its mean aeeound 10-20 dollar (year 2015). But, remember, even you stay in a house, you can got good facilities such as tv , breakfast, swimming pool like when you stay in hotel when. This island just simply local-unsocial island.

They also dont have television. They also only have electric for energy only in 07.00am untill 09.00pm. So, when you need.charger your mobile, you must remark the time. But, no worry, sometimes your local simcard of mobile phone it doesnt work anymore in this island. Maybe only 1-2 simcard were works anyway..

Well, the important , you will not found good water here. Only Salty water like the ocean water..Wether you like it or not, its salty anywere.... :p

These the list activities you can do in Gililbak Island:

*Explore the lsland (l did in -+30 minutes by walking)
*Snorkling (they rent the snorkling set tools if you dont have)
*Fishing (we got many big fish with good taste)
*Sailing arround the island
*Enjoy sunset and sunrise
*Enjoy the best Coconut ice 
*Enjoy local food
*Do take many good view

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Krakatau Mountain

Dear all,

Last couple of month, l went to this awesome non active Mountain. Little Krakatau Mountain. lts located in Lampung, Sumatra Island. l was go to this place from Surabaya.

From Surabaya go to Jakarta by Train, After reach Jakarta we go to Sebuku Kecil Island. We stay in this island a couple of days.  In the second days, we go so early by small local boat to cross the sea and reach the Little Krakatau Mountain. It was Almost sunrise when we reach the island. Most all l see in this island is like red and dark. Hahaha!

After reach the island, l and friends having small breakfast first. After having breafast and tidy up all the things, we start go up and hiking. This is the small track's that l had when l hiking mountain. Not more than an hours l already reach the top of the mountain even l hiking with taking some picture. Picture of landscapes, and also take picture of my friends whom will marry. Hihiii..

Anw, Almost this Mountain was red , black, something like that. Because this is non active mountain, all this mountain almost land and ground. But in here we can still found some tree and grass..

When l was on the top of the mountain, l can see all the awesome view. The island, thw Krakatau Moutain, the blue ocean.. !he red view

Helo from Little Krakatau Mountain

The land of the Mountain

In the top

This is the view from the Top