Sebuku Kecil

This island is one of another awesome destination in Sumatra Island.This is one of the part of the Indian Ocean. So you can explore much.

When l reach this place, l not have any words again to speak or even talk with my friends..

l love the time when l enjoy the view..

Just be silent. And, again about enjoy the view..looking arround the view and thinking about to prepare my snorkling set..

wl want to jump to that blue, but yeah l still want to stand in the top of our boat. Looking arround the island. The ocean. The mountain arround. Anything! :D

l dont know why, when l see nature, l feel closed with GOD and l want to talk more than l did in mytime before sleep everyday. hahaha.

lts makes me forget about everything..or everyone near me!!hahahaha..

Okay, This Sebuku Kecil lsland, is one of the spot for snorkling and you can see much nice coral, seaweed and also tropical fish. 

I am sorry l not take any good picture while lam in here because l was to happy to make my self busy doing snorkling inside deep blue ocean and under the sun hahaha..

So sometimes l just ask friend to take some pictures with his underwater camera. Thats why the picture isng good enough resolution for the blog nah..however l really love this moment..

*l give you a secret,

Even l do love snorkling and diving so much, l more enjoy only go on water just by using watetr sunglassess. No any other snorkling or diving tools. lt simply make me more enjoy and feel peacefull inside the ocean. But the bad side, l dont have much longer time inside ocean. Maybe not more than five minute i must going up to take breath.. LOL 

Lucky me , with that my unique condition during under thr sea, l still have some of pic under water during l diving taken by my friend who bring underwater camera.. Taadaaaa.....

hello , May l say hi to you from under the sea ?

Let Muray say good by his hand from ocean

here little part of us and the view!

again :D

Then what are you thinking again? 
Go find your Map , go to Indonesia soon and book ticket since now, me and Sebuku wait you come !!!!


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