Sebuku Besar

hi !

This is my third destination when l went to had trip to Sumatra last month.. Sebuku Besar , is same familiar name with my first destination before ; Sebuku Kecil (l post in last post before this one). This both Sebuku exactly was Snorkling and diving spot in this sea.

My favourite part was when during went from one place to another place l was sit on the top of the boat..l will post the picture in next post anw..haha.

This time make me so closed and blessed because l can saw the real of awesome GOD creatrd the world and the lovely of GOD born all of this buddies! yap, there was always new story in every trip between me and the buddies..

So after our boat are stop and ready to stay here, then l again jump to the sea to met again yhe fish and the coral under the sea. YAAYY, SALTY!

In ths Spot snorkling we met the little nemo; l think nowdays nemo looking for his father near our boat  or maybe he thinl that his father was on our boat? LOL ,forget it..what exactly l tallking about  haha :D

Lets explore the deep blue sea..

Hi baby can you see l love sea much than you?

Nemo nemo nemo nemo nemo nemo..nemosius :DD

Look Nemo from my Friend cam (Rizal)


I also not really understand about what he want to show

Some coral..but seems not clear resolution capture

Again the coral..

When we on the boat, we can see many good view


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