Cemara , Sumatra

 It's called Cemara Island.

l will show you some picture to know how the atmosphere it could be at that place..


As it name was famous as Snorkling spot in Lampung City. Beside Cemara maybe you will found so many spot  for snorkling and diving, but for me, this is my favourite spot in Lampung. ...

How could be there?

After reach Lampung city then you go to Bakaheuni , Then Canti , Then go by shil to Sebesi island. Because is so closed  and easy if you go to Cemara from Sebesi Island.. For exactly l dont know we can go directly from Canti to Cemara or not.  Hahahaha!!

I also have many good view pf picture by this place than any other place when we trip on Sumatra than any other spot ^


Clear of the sun.

 Best part to enjoy the view arround!

When on the top of Ship i can explore anything.

The best place to do reflection..

here me and friends


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