Sebesi Island

Ever heard Sumatra ?What about Sebesi ?

okay, both are island in my country , lndonesia..l want show you how pretty silent The Sebesi Island it was..

Sebesi Island is small islanf which located in between Sumatra Island and Javanesse Island.But Sebesi was Sumatra included in Sumatra regional..

So how can we go there?

If you from outside Indonesia, you can reach Sebesi from Jakarta City to:

Go to Merak Port (by car / bus transportation / train) , then go to Bakaheuni Port with Ship , then go to Canti by car / local transportation , then last one, from Canti you can go by local boat / local wood ship to Sebesi Island..

You will take about 6-8 hour from Jakarta City to Sebesi Island..

And what we will got after all that long hours by water land water transportation?

see some picture i've been taken:

First Coconut in this island..high and higher..and i cant stop to not drink coconut island when i was stay in here

Take some selfie in the corner of the grass when i wait my friends  ready to go snorkling..

This little local wood ship is have a job to find and catch the fish , jellyfish and seawed

I always love the view of port and the ship..look calm , but also wave-ing in same time..

Look all this silent ship, they all are ready for sailing arround the ocean and island..

This one is our wood boat..not too big, but its enough to brings abouy 30 - 40 people inside to look arround the island and ocean..


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