GOD smile when create Sumatra

Hi people,

Last holiday in May 2015, l was going to couple of hidden little island in corner of Sumatra island. This island is side by side with Java island.(Java island is where island i live..)


In this May trip , I went to explore some island near by Lampung City ( Sumatra ) and Little Krakatau Mountain. I was so excited with this trip, because in one trip we suddenly visited three kind of place : Island , Beach , Mountain , this is like triple orgasme!! LOL

Whatever,, it was take so long time reached Sumatra Island and Lampung City (Lampung was the first city we will reached after we come in Sumatra Island):

* we go by train : Surabaya to Jakarta --> 11 hours

* we go by rent local bus : Jakarta to Merak Port --> 2-3 hours

* we go by ship : Merak Port to Bakaheuni Port --> 1-3hours

* we go by rent local car (public transportation) : Bakaheuni to Canti --> 1-2 hours

* we go by boat : Canti to Sebesi Island --> 3-4 hours 


*If you want short one, you can reached by plane to Jakarta then continue


*If you want more short, you can reached Lampung suddenly by plane then xontinue to Sebesi Island

For us, no matter how long it takes the trip it doeant matter as long we were enjoying it full with laugh and share!

In this trip, we will explore enjoy this spot:
* Sebesi Island
* Sebuku Kecil (Watersport)
* Sebuku Besar (Snorkling and Diving spot)
* Cemara Kecil Island (Watersport&Snorkling Spot)
* Umang Island
* Krakatau Kecil ( Little Krakatau Mountain)
* Langoon Cabe ( Snorkling & Diving Spot)

Beside all that destinatination , we also enjoy the free view like bakaheuni port , merak port , and some island that we found when we sailing from island to island :)

I Forget, if you dont have Snorkling set, they also rent it abouy 75.000/as long as you stay in sebesi island!

Anw, dont forget to bring your camera set. cause you will regret if not capture the voew of the landscape of the beautifull place there!!


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