Wednesday, 25 March 2015

BFF Wedding

For me , and my BFF , marriage is about : 

" ending your alone-fighting-life with someone that makes you sure and feeling thousand happy , that money cant buy........"

So tthis is some from me,

My best friend picture before marry parade..

She married in April , 4th , 2015

They already through long journey in their relationship about from 2005 till yhis year. 
And finally got marry!

Thats why im so happy about their day!

Friday, 13 March 2015

The Key

GOD never create problem without the key..

That Tag' line was in my mine right now, 

yes truely sure..

for all the 28's i've been living in this world ,

 i never feel so bless like nowdays..

before all ,

i cant see clear what GOD will lead me where ,  or what GOD meaning to do this , to do that for my destiny, what GOD want best for my life, or how GOD want me like to be what in the end..untill suddenly , GOD sent message to me by  GOD's way, on once up on time..

i was going camping on the silent beach with some friend, in the mid on night (or we cans ay in early morning , i forget, maybe about 1-2 am. ) i just suddenly wake up and suddenly seeing someone take praye's in that time..iin that time when everyone was sleeping , in every one was sleeping like dying after drank. but this uy still awake , and living for his GOD.. and i so awesome about that thin'gs..

it's keep reminder me,

in everytime we life , we should be remember GOD always..

take GOD in first position for everything..