Changed the way she is

When finally she goes.. it because a must.
Even before, she do all these thing’s when finally change the way she life in everything..

She change the way she look about something because she is

Changed the way she did something that she never did before with someone else

Changed the way she do holiday with somebody that she use never known well before as enjoyed

Changed the way she thought how we must enjoy the up and down life and still living it

Changed the way she dressing up more beautifull than usually to show the world that she life

Changed the way she faced problem why we must still have go ahead thought

Changed the way she fighting to get trying more harder for something that she really wanted to get

Changed the way she reduce mind to more calm down when she got hetic moment’s in her life

Changed the way how she broke up,
Changed the way how she move up and get up from the dark,
Changed the way how she was falling in love to someone,

Changed the way how she got her way to eat………..

She did everything and change the way in her life because someone walks into her life..

And now she goes, 
she still got all that the way she already changed..
As someone new..

If you don’t’t know who is that the ladies,

Can you imagine how hard she trying to go, 
when she already change all the way in her life before ?

 I did.


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