When l was home in rainy time

nowdays in my country was rainy season, so when outside rainy, maybe i just stay home if i dont have planning to hangout with friends or going office.. i start open my camera lens, to start take an picture inside home.take every 'thing's that i want to take..

sometimes i take picture of my cat's , something that i ate..or sometimes, just the little thing that maybe eyes ignore it in daily, but my my eyes and my lens capture it at the moment at that time. I dont have any theme or plan the concept before  l take all these picture, but l enjoy doing take during me and my me time in home..

after taken all the picture at that day, then l know how to name it after all..

(hahahahaha) !

" In our life , sometime we not regconize something because it thing's look too simple than other luxurius thing's..something that maybe too small, or even don't have meaning in our life , maybe just no price again..we forget, even it was the 'small' un-regconze thing with no price , but we have little time to appreciated while there-it-was , we can suddenly find the another meaningfull of it..or maybe , it wil helpfull for our daily life for next time.."

- The little thing's that maybe i was forget it was -

This both 2 transparancy little box was found on my old cupboard when i take my camera before take picture at that day. before found that 2 , i plan to take picture of my lunch box. but it's cancel..i more interest of taking pictur of this cool 2.


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