Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Beginning of Real Journey..

When i was at home,
Suddenly l open my tablet , and trying to cleaning all old file inside the drive..
l was found this file, l repost here, but l don't know for sure whom made it..          


“This is my real story, the real journey that
I found the way back to more closer with GOD..”

Pernakah kamu menyadari bahwa semua yang terjadi pada hidup kita ini memang direncanakan, diatur, dituliskan, dan di restui oleh Tuhan atas dasar apa yang pernah kita minta didalam setiap doa, harapan tulus,atau bahkan perkataan kita setiap hari ?

 Mungkin kita tidak terlalu menyadarinya. Setiap hari berjalan begitu cepat dan berlalu begitu saja tanpa kita menyadari, bahwa disetiap penghujung hari akan habis, disetiap kita akan menutup mata, kita mengucapkan apa yang ingin kita ungkapan pada TUHAN. Bisa jadi keluhan, bisa jadi pujian, atau mungkin kesedihan dan kekecewaan-kekecewaan kita hari itu.

Disaat itulah TUHAN benar-benar mendengarkan kita, meski TUHAN selalu mendengar apapun yang kita ucapkan, bersamaan juga TUHAN mendengarkan milyar-an juta yang diucapkan manusia lainnya. Pernahkan kamu menyadarinya ? Bahwa TUHAN benar-benar mendengarmu dengan baik? Tak peduli apapun yang kamu minta atau keluhkan, GOD’S listen. GOD’S not excuse you like everyone. Sadarkah kamu, bahwa TUHAN selalu menjadi pendegar baikmu disaat yang lainnya tidak? Disaat mungkin yang lainnya sedang terlelap, ataupun bosan meninggalkanmu perlahan-lahan. 

Once again, yes, GOD is listen.

Tak perduli apa yang ada di pikiran mu saat itu, yang pasti TUHAN selalu mendengar mu dengan baik. TUHAN akan selalu berhasil membuatmu merasa lebih baik. Cepat atau lambat, kamu minta ataupun tidak kamu minta.Pertolongan dan jawaban TUHAN tidak pernah terlambat, bahkan tak pernah datang terlalu cepat. Jika kamu merasa belum dijawab dan di tolong, TUHAN menginginkanmu melalukan lebih lagi atas apa yang kamu inginkan itu. Atas apa yang kamu harapkan jauh di lubuk hati mu. TUHAN hanya ingin tahu, bahwa itu yang benar-benar kamu ingin dan TUHAN ingin kamu benar-benar berusaha untuk memperjuangkan yang kamu inginkan. 

Yang pasti, TUHAN ingin kamu benar-benar menyadari dengan yakin bahwa sebenarnya apa yang kamu harapkan selama ini memang sesuai hati mu.

Kamu tahu kenapa? jika kamu tidak berusaha dan memperjuangkan apa yang kamu inginkan itu, TUHAN tak pernah benar-benar yakin kalau kamu sungguh-sungguh menginginkannya. TUHAN akan meragukan apa yang kamu minta. Bisa jadi dia tidak memberimu segera apa yang kamu inginkan itu, sampai kamu benar-benar menjadi yakin kembali.
Jika suatu saat kamu sudah memiliki apa yang pernah kamu minta dengan penuh permohonan dan perjuangan, namun tiba-tiba kamu ragu di tengah jalan, serta mempertanyakan kembali pada TUHAN apa kamu masih menginginkannya atau tidak, TUHAN akan mengambilnya sesuatu itu dari mu. 

Tahukah kamu kenapa? TUHAN ingin kamu lebih memahami dan belajar lebih banyak lagi. TUHAN ingin kamu lebih bertanggung jawab atas pilihan yang dulu pernah kamu jatuhkan pada sesuatu yang pernah kamu minta itu. Yang pasti, TUHAN ingin sekali kamu menyadari, bahwa selama ini mungkin kamu tidak memperlakukan dan menjaga baik-baik sesuatu yang kamu minta dari TUHAN tersebut.

TUHAN tak akan marah padamu, justru TUHAN sayang sekali pada mu. TUHAN ingin sekali kamu mengingat kembali bahwa dulu kamu pernah memintanya dengan sangat amat, bahkan mungkin dengan cucuran air mata atau rintihan perjuangan yang keras. Sehingga TUHAN sangat yakin bahwa kamu benar-benar menginginkannya. Disaat kamu ragu seperti inilah, TUHAN ingin kamu berpikir kembali.. Apa benar kamu masih yakin untuk menginginkannya lagi ? Apa benar, kamu masih mengharapkannya kembali pada mu lagi, meski TUHAN sudah mengambilnya ? Bahkan mungkin saat ini kondisinya sudah tidak sebagus atau seindah dulu lagi. Apa kamu masih tetap menginginkannya ? Atau kamu mulai ragu lagi, dan tergoda untuk mendapatkan hal baru lainnya ?

Berpikirlah dengan baik, karena TUHAN benar-benar menunggu jawaban YAKIN mu. TUHAN tak ingin main-main lagi saat TUHAN benar-benar mengambil sesuatu yang kamu sayangi diantara semua hal yang kamu miliki di dalam hidup mu ini. TUHAN ingin kamu berpikir dengan baik untuk mendapat keyakinan yang kuat, bahwa kamu benar-benar menginginkannya.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Cemara , Sumatra

 It's called Cemara Island.

l will show you some picture to know how the atmosphere it could be at that place..


As it name was famous as Snorkling spot in Lampung City. Beside Cemara maybe you will found so many spot  for snorkling and diving, but for me, this is my favourite spot in Lampung. ...

How could be there?

After reach Lampung city then you go to Bakaheuni , Then Canti , Then go by shil to Sebesi island. Because is so closed  and easy if you go to Cemara from Sebesi Island.. For exactly l dont know we can go directly from Canti to Cemara or not.  Hahahaha!!

I also have many good view pf picture by this place than any other place when we trip on Sumatra than any other spot ^


Clear of the sun.

 Best part to enjoy the view arround!

When on the top of Ship i can explore anything.

The best place to do reflection..

here me and friends

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Sebuku Besar

hi !

This is my third destination when l went to had trip to Sumatra last month.. Sebuku Besar , is same familiar name with my first destination before ; Sebuku Kecil (l post in last post before this one). This both Sebuku exactly was Snorkling and diving spot in this sea.

My favourite part was when during went from one place to another place l was sit on the top of the boat..l will post the picture in next post anw..haha.

This time make me so closed and blessed because l can saw the real of awesome GOD creatrd the world and the lovely of GOD born all of this buddies! yap, there was always new story in every trip between me and the buddies..

So after our boat are stop and ready to stay here, then l again jump to the sea to met again yhe fish and the coral under the sea. YAAYY, SALTY!

In ths Spot snorkling we met the little nemo; l think nowdays nemo looking for his father near our boat  or maybe he thinl that his father was on our boat? LOL ,forget it..what exactly l tallking about  haha :D

Lets explore the deep blue sea..

Hi baby can you see l love sea much than you?

Nemo nemo nemo nemo nemo nemo..nemosius :DD

Look Nemo from my Friend cam (Rizal)


I also not really understand about what he want to show

Some coral..but seems not clear resolution capture

Again the coral..

When we on the boat, we can see many good view

Monday, 1 June 2015

Sebuku Kecil

This island is one of another awesome destination in Sumatra Island.This is one of the part of the Indian Ocean. So you can explore much.

When l reach this place, l not have any words again to speak or even talk with my friends..

l love the time when l enjoy the view..

Just be silent. And, again about enjoy the view..looking arround the view and thinking about to prepare my snorkling set..

wl want to jump to that blue, but yeah l still want to stand in the top of our boat. Looking arround the island. The ocean. The mountain arround. Anything! :D

l dont know why, when l see nature, l feel closed with GOD and l want to talk more than l did in mytime before sleep everyday. hahaha.

lts makes me forget about everything..or everyone near me!!hahahaha..

Okay, This Sebuku Kecil lsland, is one of the spot for snorkling and you can see much nice coral, seaweed and also tropical fish. 

I am sorry l not take any good picture while lam in here because l was to happy to make my self busy doing snorkling inside deep blue ocean and under the sun hahaha..

So sometimes l just ask friend to take some pictures with his underwater camera. Thats why the picture isng good enough resolution for the blog nah..however l really love this moment..

*l give you a secret,

Even l do love snorkling and diving so much, l more enjoy only go on water just by using watetr sunglassess. No any other snorkling or diving tools. lt simply make me more enjoy and feel peacefull inside the ocean. But the bad side, l dont have much longer time inside ocean. Maybe not more than five minute i must going up to take breath.. LOL 

Lucky me , with that my unique condition during under thr sea, l still have some of pic under water during l diving taken by my friend who bring underwater camera.. Taadaaaa.....

hello , May l say hi to you from under the sea ?

Let Muray say good by his hand from ocean

here little part of us and the view!

again :D

Then what are you thinking again? 
Go find your Map , go to Indonesia soon and book ticket since now, me and Sebuku wait you come !!!!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Prepare this before Chilling on Beach

Heyo ,
Are you love to going beach ?  Doing some water sport or just chilling on the top of the boat to enjoy the sun and the view? Prepare these thing first:


Surely its cool when you wear awesome wardrobe such as Bikini. But how if you not enjoy? Or let say if you typical indonesian people, iam sure you dont want all of your whole of your body burn by the sun so much and only little is not :p
so use the comfort one..the possible one to looking great when you sun bathing on sand or stand out on the top on the boat is using Colourfull Wardrobe to have  good picture when you're in hidden snap. It would look great! Maybe you can wear extra shortpants and crop no sleeves tshirt with stand out colourfull. Remember, the message was: use comfort one and colourfull one


l dont like to use sunglasses before when l go chilling to the beach or other holiday destination. Why? Because l dont have good nice-cool nose on it hahaha..oke forget it..you still need sunglasses because it will taking care of your eyes from the over unwell sun in the mid day, and to taking care of your eyes from the extra over ultraviolet. So prefer to choose the fit sunglasses for yourself..and also choose the cool one ;)


Why water? Because after you spent so many time on the beach, almost will loose     mineral in your body. So keep the mineral water near by you. So drink many mineral water before you feel dehidration. Drink much mineral water will keep your balance self good..


Yes yes.. Hay will help you in so many ways.. To help you when you in bad hair, to help you when wind is so heavy breath, to help you keep your face safe from the sun, and also give you cool performance when take picture!


This is the last one but not the least.. Sunblock is the most impprtant from all of the things we prepare when speny so many time in beach when holiday. Choose Sunblock with high SPF. It will taking care your skin from the ultraviolet and the sun. Sunblock not making your skin more lightet/white buy it keep your skin not much burning from your original skin.. Before use the Sunblock, make sure you use in the right way, so read the direction carefully.. Make notice also, there sometime there is many type of Sunblock. Sunblock for face only, Sunblock for body only, Sunblock for both body and face.. So read carefull before buy and use it.. Choose the one who match with your skin of type.. Especially your face skin..


Many things prepare before we go to the beach oyher all thats things..just take list and enjoy the beach!!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Sebesi Island

Ever heard Sumatra ?What about Sebesi ?

okay, both are island in my country , lndonesia..l want show you how pretty silent The Sebesi Island it was..

Sebesi Island is small islanf which located in between Sumatra Island and Javanesse Island.But Sebesi was Sumatra included in Sumatra regional..

So how can we go there?

If you from outside Indonesia, you can reach Sebesi from Jakarta City to:

Go to Merak Port (by car / bus transportation / train) , then go to Bakaheuni Port with Ship , then go to Canti by car / local transportation , then last one, from Canti you can go by local boat / local wood ship to Sebesi Island..

You will take about 6-8 hour from Jakarta City to Sebesi Island..

And what we will got after all that long hours by water land water transportation?

see some picture i've been taken:

First Coconut in this island..high and higher..and i cant stop to not drink coconut island when i was stay in here

Take some selfie in the corner of the grass when i wait my friends  ready to go snorkling..

This little local wood ship is have a job to find and catch the fish , jellyfish and seawed

I always love the view of port and the ship..look calm , but also wave-ing in same time..

Look all this silent ship, they all are ready for sailing arround the ocean and island..

This one is our wood boat..not too big, but its enough to brings abouy 30 - 40 people inside to look arround the island and ocean..

Friday, 22 May 2015

GOD smile when create Sumatra

Hi people,

Last holiday in May 2015, l was going to couple of hidden little island in corner of Sumatra island. This island is side by side with Java island.(Java island is where island i live..)


In this May trip , I went to explore some island near by Lampung City ( Sumatra ) and Little Krakatau Mountain. I was so excited with this trip, because in one trip we suddenly visited three kind of place : Island , Beach , Mountain , this is like triple orgasme!! LOL

Whatever,, it was take so long time reached Sumatra Island and Lampung City (Lampung was the first city we will reached after we come in Sumatra Island):

* we go by train : Surabaya to Jakarta --> 11 hours

* we go by rent local bus : Jakarta to Merak Port --> 2-3 hours

* we go by ship : Merak Port to Bakaheuni Port --> 1-3hours

* we go by rent local car (public transportation) : Bakaheuni to Canti --> 1-2 hours

* we go by boat : Canti to Sebesi Island --> 3-4 hours 


*If you want short one, you can reached by plane to Jakarta then continue


*If you want more short, you can reached Lampung suddenly by plane then xontinue to Sebesi Island

For us, no matter how long it takes the trip it doeant matter as long we were enjoying it full with laugh and share!

In this trip, we will explore enjoy this spot:
* Sebesi Island
* Sebuku Kecil (Watersport)
* Sebuku Besar (Snorkling and Diving spot)
* Cemara Kecil Island (Watersport&Snorkling Spot)
* Umang Island
* Krakatau Kecil ( Little Krakatau Mountain)
* Langoon Cabe ( Snorkling & Diving Spot)

Beside all that destinatination , we also enjoy the free view like bakaheuni port , merak port , and some island that we found when we sailing from island to island :)

I Forget, if you dont have Snorkling set, they also rent it abouy 75.000/as long as you stay in sebesi island!

Anw, dont forget to bring your camera set. cause you will regret if not capture the voew of the landscape of the beautifull place there!!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

5 Things l want to do before 2015 end

why i give tittle 5 things l want to do before 2015 end? maube because in this 2015 i not really serious having many resolution year like another year before.but i dint want to be the same iam like yestrtday.stuck..so here l go to make that big five'..
(five is also my favurite most number..(in other, may will come hahaha)

5 things l want to do before 2015 end:

1.HAVING 25.000.000,- rupiah

25.000.000,- rupiah is about arround 2.500.000 USD

why i put money in first number? because l need to saving more money and this is will be related with my last wanted in number five.

 why that 25.000.000? not or maybe 10.000.000 rupiah?the amount like that,because i already calculated how much i need and i still realistis.this is the important reason..lol


why this is so contradictive with number one? yes, this is the most of all that i must change.sometime i feel i need to skip when i do something childish :D


why i mention this wish?yes l want do this after along time not going any vacayion with her..more than one year l think..its because.iam too busy amd mom also must taking care my grandmother in gome and can not leave her alone..


yes, l want do these because l want say thanks to GOD, for all happylife, awesome moment, great people, nice experienced that already happened for l live..l want appreciate people, universe, and life because they became good friends when l life..thats why l want do mybest too,to others :))



theres nothing doubt about mylast one.. l want marry in age 28-29..after all my journey, agter all my time met thousand thousand people..its enough..and if l marry, its should be with the choosebone by GOD and will happened once for forever happy marriage in mylife,and of course his life..ameen!!

so, this mine..

how about yours?
lets make it soon, because it will be happened..

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

BFF Wedding

For me , and my BFF , marriage is about : 

" ending your alone-fighting-life with someone that makes you sure and feeling thousand happy , that money cant buy........"

So tthis is some from me,

My best friend picture before marry parade..

She married in April , 4th , 2015

They already through long journey in their relationship about from 2005 till yhis year. 
And finally got marry!

Thats why im so happy about their day!

Friday, 13 March 2015

The Key

GOD never create problem without the key..

That Tag' line was in my mine right now, 

yes truely sure..

for all the 28's i've been living in this world ,

 i never feel so bless like nowdays..

before all ,

i cant see clear what GOD will lead me where ,  or what GOD meaning to do this , to do that for my destiny, what GOD want best for my life, or how GOD want me like to be what in the end..untill suddenly , GOD sent message to me by  GOD's way, on once up on time..

i was going camping on the silent beach with some friend, in the mid on night (or we cans ay in early morning , i forget, maybe about 1-2 am. ) i just suddenly wake up and suddenly seeing someone take praye's in that time..iin that time when everyone was sleeping , in every one was sleeping like dying after drank. but this uy still awake , and living for his GOD.. and i so awesome about that thin'gs..

it's keep reminder me,

in everytime we life , we should be remember GOD always..

take GOD in first position for everything..

Friday, 20 February 2015

Changed the way she is

When finally she goes.. it because a must.
Even before, she do all these thing’s when finally change the way she life in everything..

She change the way she look about something because she is

Changed the way she did something that she never did before with someone else

Changed the way she do holiday with somebody that she use never known well before as enjoyed

Changed the way she thought how we must enjoy the up and down life and still living it

Changed the way she dressing up more beautifull than usually to show the world that she life

Changed the way she faced problem why we must still have go ahead thought

Changed the way she fighting to get trying more harder for something that she really wanted to get

Changed the way she reduce mind to more calm down when she got hetic moment’s in her life

Changed the way how she broke up,
Changed the way how she move up and get up from the dark,
Changed the way how she was falling in love to someone,

Changed the way how she got her way to eat………..

She did everything and change the way in her life because someone walks into her life..

And now she goes, 
she still got all that the way she already changed..
As someone new..

If you don’t’t know who is that the ladies,

Can you imagine how hard she trying to go, 
when she already change all the way in her life before ?

 I did.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The excotic stone

I used love culture,
I love something unique , art , something un-describle-able, its like so easy when the first time our eyes see that thing'slike we can say so much bla bla bla and bla bla..

yapp, i told you one thing you must know, sometimes (just sometimes),..

"our eyes is often doing wrong when see something by the eyes only, what we must do is trying to got know about the things we used to see, and understand it"

before you say bla bla in hystorical place and monument, better if you read first about the caution there :)

This view you can found if you going to Mojokerto City , and went to this city you can went to the Local Museum. This local Museum not like the common Museum we used to know before. This Museum is in outdoor area and they display some of their collection are outside the hall or in garden. So you will find so many big stone here with many shape. But most of all their collection was influenced from the Hindu periode in Indonesia. You will find so much like Brahmana , Shiva , Wisnu , Ganesha relief and stone in here..

                                                                           Sansekrt' Word

                                                                  Brahma Statue (Hindu)

                                                                    Gajasura Samhara Murti

                                                          some Ganesh Stone

Sunday, 25 January 2015

When l was home in rainy time

nowdays in my country was rainy season, so when outside rainy, maybe i just stay home if i dont have planning to hangout with friends or going office.. i start open my camera lens, to start take an picture inside home.take every 'thing's that i want to take..

sometimes i take picture of my cat's , something that i ate..or sometimes, just the little thing that maybe eyes ignore it in daily, but my my eyes and my lens capture it at the moment at that time. I dont have any theme or plan the concept before  l take all these picture, but l enjoy doing take during me and my me time in home..

after taken all the picture at that day, then l know how to name it after all..

(hahahahaha) !

" In our life , sometime we not regconize something because it thing's look too simple than other luxurius thing's..something that maybe too small, or even don't have meaning in our life , maybe just no price again..we forget, even it was the 'small' un-regconze thing with no price , but we have little time to appreciated while there-it-was , we can suddenly find the another meaningfull of it..or maybe , it wil helpfull for our daily life for next time.."

- The little thing's that maybe i was forget it was -

This both 2 transparancy little box was found on my old cupboard when i take my camera before take picture at that day. before found that 2 , i plan to take picture of my lunch box. but it's cancel..i more interest of taking pictur of this cool 2.