#Refresh and #Restore in end of year

Dear all reader’s

Hmm , nowdays are 9 , December , 2014 ..

Not a so far we will change year , I think now it’s good time to review all the thing’s that we did, we reach and we got along 2014…. start refresh  what we want for next.. then again “restore” our point life of view..

Do I do what I want ?

Do I reach my dreams ?

Do I got something new ?

Do I do something for another people ?

Do I have more money ?
(yes money isn’t the important, but it’s important for us and people near us also..)

Do I did something that me happy ?

Do I do something that make other people happy?

Do I sacrifice for someone that I love ?

Do l can let go something that l love the most for other people ?

Do I make people around me happy ? 
Do I do something wort it for me ?For other people ?


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