Nowdays I join Traditional Music Class in my city every sunday noon. iam join Gamelan Class..

So what is Gamelan?

In Indonesia, is famous with that name : GAMELAN

For surely , Gamelan is one lf Traditional Musical Instrument in our country. The sounds of Gamelan is always use to accompany Traditional ritual or Traditional Dance in our country..

But however , its also common if there is only Gamelan music only..

Mmm, how can l explain clearly about this kind of Music its heard then ? :D

If you ever heard Gamelan's sound , iam sure you will falling in love with the rhytm..

This gamelan also have like Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do , but in their different kind.. So its more hard to learning if l can try to explained :D

Learning about how to playing Gamelan is little hard difficult then learning another music intrument. WHY?

Because they had own their ritme ,each sounds , each rhytm.....but if you have a little heart to be patient then there you go!

This is called : Gamelan , one of Traditional Instrumental's which very famous in Indonesia also in the world.Even Indonesia Gamelan's have many type , but it will look so similar. The famous one was Gamelan Bali and Gamelan Jawa. Both of this This Gamelan's will created wonderfull composition of music for us.


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