Little Holiday in Town

Last week i've been to Car Free Day Area in my Town, it was in Darmo Street , Surabaya..
In every week,, every Sunday in Darmo Street Surabaya, all Vechile can not allowed this street in the morning untill 11 am..

 Why? Yes, because we have weekly event 'Car Free Day'.. You know , all this 2 Street will empty from vechile, like car and motorcyle. But Bike is allowed. The point of this event is to created public place to do sport in every week and also local entertainment for local people..

Not always only sport things, people also do like selling food, things and many more. Many community come also with their activities, like Unlimited Animal's Community' , Skate Board Community, Earth lover Community, and many more..

But the most things that i love when came to Car Free Day, i can enjoy every Food that able to sell in that time :DD, yes i love culinery so muchh!  After having fun on Car Free Day, i went to Heerlijk Cafe , RS. Darmo.. Old History Cafe in Center of Town!
    One Candid shoot on Car Free Day

    Choocolate Cheese Bread Toast

    Hot Chocolate

So because iam vegetarian , i order Chocolate Bread Toast and their Hot Chocholate :)
l love this Cafe , is located in Darmo Hospital , Surabaya.. so even no one not going sick in this hospital, dont worry, you can able to go to this Cafe. This Cafe located in front of the corner of that hospital. From the Darmo Street , you must be can see this Cafe with their light Green pastel colou'rs..

If you go inside the Cafe , you will see the interior of the cafe was so 'Vintage , mix of Surabaya hystorical and also Dutch..because Ducth Goverment ever stay here such for long time..

You can enjoy more in this Cafe because there many kind of chair type you can choose.. You can sit in wood chair , relax sofa , or also outdoor chair outside too see view arround the Cafe.

Enjoi !


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