Jogjakarta , The Kingdom of Java

I've been busy for so many last month , 
Today i want post my last journey (and i have unpost journey and hangout moment so many too hahaha..), just enjoy my first post after all !

In the end of march untill early april, im going to Jogjakarta. Jogjakarta is one of Kingdom city in Indonesia. They have own government, who still using King in their Kingdom as their highest authority to adjust Jogjakarta city. Jogjakarta is located in Central of Java Island, Indonesia (Another city / regional in each of my country isnt using Kingdom anymore).

I stay in Jogjakarta about 4 days, even I already went this city so many times before :D ( I also forget how many time I came there. iam sure also nect time i will come again for again :p ). But I always go to Jogjakarta with each different people and friends and never bored. So , for this journey, Iam going on March , 28 , untill 1st April. I stay in centre of city , so it make me and friend easy to go anywhere , to get anywhere , and to find any public facilities we need..

I will tell you the , most famous you must visited when you go to Jodjakarta:

Borobudur Temple 
This was the largest temple we use to know in Indonesia also arround the world (Borobudur is one of The 7's Greatest in the world with Wall of China, Eiffel Monment, Taj Mahal, Pyramid)..
This Temple was Buddhist Temple and you will see so many Buddhist Monumen here when you already going in the top of this temple. For the pic i taken, you will see the diffrent of the temple between Buddhist Temple and Hindu's Temple..

                                                                     Borobudur Temple

                                               Vrendeburg Museum



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