When l had rainy

Do you know ,

Some of people really love rain, they feel can singing and dancing under the rain and enjoy the moment..but some people hates..in first i was people who love dancing under the rain..until something happened..in last March, 2013..

Last one year, i suddenly hate rainy before i write down all of these here..not because it all wet and i had cool alergic weather. But it start someday, in March , 2013.. i do wait rain with someone that really at that time i dont want to be.. He is man, but he not care to me when rain drop's and doing busy with their mind of himself. Silent. Not talk. Not try to ice-breaking our cool sitation. Even i dont know sure what or how he think at that time. Oke , maybe iam too judge-ing. Let say it i was. But can you tell me correctly what you will do if you with an lady, let say she not ur GF, let say just fren, and you guys waiting under the rain, in some convinience store, nothing to do. He just sit, no give her jacket even know me im in cool and allergic with that. No word between ask. After the rain getting little heavy, we go under the rain by bike. He also not giving his jacket for me. At that time i say i love rainy in lips. But for sure i hate rainy so so so much in my heart because that situation.....

couple of month from this, something can change my mind and now i really love rain after some new things happend..

same situation happened with similar situation..i was waiting rain drop with someone.in convinience store also.but in another city, with diffrent situation..and this time give me new memories about rain..he give me sit.talk to me.laugh to me.chat and eating..we wait rain untill it at least less, even not really stop.and you know, its not feel as long before, even i wait more longer time this time..

now rainy is something good to remember :) 

after next month again, i go somewhere with fren and got rain's a days even we are in hangout , but they never compalining the rain even destroys all our plan that day. but we changed to another plan to do.. and it's okay.

nowdays , everytime i see rain, then i will remember is such a nice experienced..good  memories..like i wanted to dance and sing when its come days..like today, when i sit in offcie couple of hour when rainy outside and do work, i see window with water drop's of rain..it such can can make me suddenly smile , remember that new experieced in my memory finally can change my mind about rainy..

thankyou ,


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