How to Cheer - Up Your Day When Start Getting Bored

It's Saturday night!! it means time to enjoy and forget all the mess daily routinities : D
yes we are..Okeh, before we go to celebrate this weekend, firstly i want to share something. Yes, maybe this post can help you cheer your day, or maybe, your life which start getting bored, or maybe sucks flat..

i write this post, because couple of week's i have feel bored of my life..but now, its BIG NO..
i dont know exactly when it's start feel good or being NO NO NO flat, but i think, because of that i did all the of these  :

Yes, this is the first important thing you must to do.. Why? because you dont need to be somebody else. Everyone not only born to be unique and special, but trust me, everyone is worth it to be loved. If you not love yourself first, how can another people loving you? Not only that point. But the tragic one is, maybe you can try to see closedly with your heart, and see people arround you already love yourself, but you, yes you, the only one who not love yourself.. So? Love yourself! Dont waste time again, baby. With loving your self, will make you have great strength and can do amazing thing that will make your day colourfull!

Smile, is one of magic thing that easily you can do daily and everytime.. Try it, it's so easy, it's free, but it so give positive effect for you and world! You don't believe it? Go outside house, walking down the street, and when you meet someone you never know, just smile to them! Feel the effect of smile after that :)
I ' ve been try this way, that's why i can share to you..Before, in my company, i was new employee and have no friend. Untill someday i smile to 1 worker , 2 worker , 3 worker, .........etc. I smile again 1 employee, 2 employee, 3 employee, ........etc. Maybe now i can smile to thousand people in my life. After that, i have many good friend in office, also outside office. Beside that, i do many new things with all this new friend :)

"Dream's can passionate our life" , yes , yes ,yes , that word's is true..when you have dream's, you have something you love to do continuely beside your daily things. It will make you more live, more passionate! If you don't have dream yet, at least, you must know something that you passion on. It can be fashion , art, cooking, travelling, science, music, and else. Every people is different. Create your passion, and do!

You know the Magically word's in the world? yes, "Thank You", have you already say thanks everyday to people? or maybe, excuse, say THANKS TO GOD? mmm, if you're not, you wrong..Life start wonderfull when you start say thank magically word. Say it louder now, and magic will come to you !!

Happy weekend, hopefully your day wil be colourfull and getting bored it just about past story :)


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