Sunday Market // Love Affair

Hi readers,

 Last sunday i was going to some urban event in my lovely city , Surabaya. This cool event named : Sunday Market, and this 5th Sunday Market is : Love Affair! You know, im so happy to joy this event,,, why? because, i finally found this urban local event like in Jakarta. Fyi, before i was in Jakarta in 2010 - 2013 and see many many urban event and another cool local things..Thats why, when im back in end of 2013 and knowing this Sunday Market, im so much Happy! :))

I go to this event with some of fren's by car, then its so paking, also inside Mall, Surabaya Town Square..Mmmm, i think this is really cool event! Thats why all people , all young or adult also, come here! 

                                                 one of displaying bewteen neckalce's meet nature wood

                                                           this is the ornmanet display in one of booth in flea market that i love

                            loook how beautifull this handmade material flower on plastic vase!it's local product!

                                                  lovely sweety cookies with colourfull topping from choholate icing! 

and readers, here' s the Logo of Sunday Market and the Paper's :

                                                               The Sunday Market Logo's

                                                                 The Love Affair News Paper

                                    One of display product in Flea Market that i love to take pick :))

                                                            another second things // watch

                                         nah ! this is my favourite neckle's from all the neckle sell on that market :))


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