Last September 2013, i was going to Solo City , for some Fashion Event.

I mean, Fashion Design Competition. 

Yes, i am being one of Solo Batik Fashion Carnival Finalist  for Fashion Design Competition that they happy iam! first person that i must say thanks is Ali Mahmudin, My brother somewhere :D , yes he told me about this competition and help me for all administration competition..

I flash back all that happened, after they call me, i've got busy to prepare all the things for my wardrobe, my stuff , also my model! i have no model who stay in Solo city, that's why in urgent i ask help my sister best friend  to be an accidently model for catwalk :D

I go by bus to Solo City, but  before, I go to Jogjakarta City first. Why? yes, i want make new memories about this city..I go alone by my self only, but somehow, when Friend know me I was on Jogjakarta, then suddenly he called me to meet up. Thanks Oto to accompany me walking arroung Jogjakarta before I go Solo City (even i know well this city)..

Jogjakarta and Solo was only 1 hour, I go by local train..then stay in my model house..I Love Solo, this is small city, have rich culture, nature, but they have modern event like Solo Fashion Carnival!

So, I enjoy my 4 days in Jogjakarta and Solo city to join competition. But you know, I got many  bonus : 

  • Meet up with closed friend from Jakarta (yes they come from Solo to accompany me!)
  • Went to holiday arround city
  • Meet new talented people in fashion industries
  • I got number in this competition..but i say thankyou alot to GOD:)




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