Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sunday Market // Love Affair

Hi readers,

 Last sunday i was going to some urban event in my lovely city , Surabaya. This cool event named : Sunday Market, and this 5th Sunday Market is : Love Affair! You know, im so happy to joy this event,,, why? because, i finally found this urban local event like in Jakarta. Fyi, before i was in Jakarta in 2010 - 2013 and see many many urban event and another cool local things..Thats why, when im back in end of 2013 and knowing this Sunday Market, im so much Happy! :))

I go to this event with some of fren's by car, then its so paking, also inside Mall, Surabaya Town Square..Mmmm, i think this is really cool event! Thats why all people , all young or adult also, come here! 

                                                 one of displaying bewteen neckalce's meet nature wood

                                                           this is the ornmanet display in one of booth in flea market that i love

                            loook how beautifull this handmade material flower on plastic vase!it's local product!

                                                  lovely sweety cookies with colourfull topping from choholate icing! 

and readers, here' s the Logo of Sunday Market and the Paper's :

                                                               The Sunday Market Logo's

                                                                 The Love Affair News Paper

                                    One of display product in Flea Market that i love to take pick :))

                                                            another second things // watch

                                         nah ! this is my favourite neckle's from all the neckle sell on that market :))

Friday, 21 February 2014

Solo Batik Fashion Carnival

Cherish September ! is September 2013, because i got number for my first i join this Fashion Design competition because my brother invited me to join..even it was in last minute.1 week before its closed.I was working hard to make Theme , Concept, make Moodboard, Sketch, and Sew..But thanks GOD, all is done well. i prepared all of this less than 2 weeks..thankyou also for my accidently model, PM. Suganda :))

look at her, this is her first catwalk, guess what's her job? he is nurse :D , but for her first time, she's GREAT!

PM. Suganda and Solo Batik Fashion Booth Public

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Double memories in Solo City

Last September 2013, i was going to Solo City , for some Fashion Event. i mean, Fashion Design Competition. Yes, i am being one of Solo Batik Fashion Carnival Finalist  for Fashion Design Competition that they happy iam! first person that i must say thanks is Ali Mahmudin, My brother somewhere :D , yes he told me about this competition and help me for all administration competition..

I flash back all that happened, after they call me, i've got busy to prepare all the things for my wardrobe, my stuff , also my model! i have no model who stay in Solo city, that's why in urgent i ask help my sister best friend  to be an accidently model for catwalk :D

I go by bus to Solo City, but  before, I go to Jogjakarta City first. Why? yes, i want make new memories about this city..I go alone by my self only, but somehow, when Friend know me I was on Jogjakarta, then suddenly he called me to meet up. Thanks Oto to accompany me walking arroung Jogjakarta before I go Solo City (even i know well this city)..

Jogjakarta and Solo was only 1 hour, I go by local train..then stay in my model house..I Love Solo, this is small city, have rich culture, nature, but they have modern event like Solo Fashion Carnival! so, I enjoy my 4 days in Jogjakarta and Solo city to join competition. But you know, I got many  bonus : meet up with closed friend from Jakarta (yes they come from Solo to accompany me!) , go holiday arround city, meet new talented people in fashion industries, and I got number in this competition..but i say thankyou alot to GOD:)

When i arrived Jogjakarta Alun  alun, near Musem Vandeberg  i found some event, they display manequin from wood using colourfull T-Shirt

 This is Reog Ponorogo Dance, one of famous traditional d Fashion Carnival Dance from East Java, my Province, but i found it in Solo, in Batik Fashion Canival Street
          Another Reog Ponorogo Dance , Take from side

 This is one of Traditional Local Transportation with many creation of colourfull paper's

            This is Indonesia Wayang's (Wayang is like traditional hereoes figure in Indonesia) 
     This is Hanoman, the most famous Wayang' s figure

              I dont know what's that, is like man using cow / pitbull's mask and else