Monday, 8 December 2014

#Refresh and #Restore in end of year

Dear all reader’s

Hmm , nowdays are 9 , December , 2014 ..

Not a so far we will change year , I think now it’s good time to review all the thing’s that we did, we reach and we got along 2014…. start refresh  what we want for next.. then again “restore” our point life of view..

Do I do what I want ?

Do I reach my dreams ?

Do I got something new ?

Do I do something for another people ?

Do I have more money ?
(yes money isn’t the important, but it’s important for us and people near us also..)

Do I did something that me happy ?

Do I do something that make other people happy?

Do I sacrifice for someone that I love ?

Do l can let go something that l love the most for other people ?

Do I make people around me happy ? 
Do I do something wort it for me ?For other people ?

Monday, 13 October 2014



Long time l not update this blog..
but nowdays l want take time to update more about the latest activities i joined.

This October is held Surabaya Moslem Festival 2014 by one of Mall in Surabaya, my city.I Join this event with my mate , Ali Mahmudin. Maybe l will update my dress and stuff photo first, then next will update with his dress..

on this event maybe l and him not got number's but we not be sad..

we just happy enjoying the event and competition, and also we enjoy our moment :)

                                                            moodboard and the dress

                                                                    dress and display

                                         behind the stage between my model and my hijab stylish

                                                       my model shadow on mirror

                                                          my handmade clutch

Friday, 15 August 2014


Nowdays I join Traditional Music Class in my city every sunday noon. iam join Gamelan Class..

So what is Gamelan?

In Indonesia, is famous with that name : GAMELAN

For surely , Gamelan is one lf Traditional Musical Instrument in our country. The sounds of Gamelan is always use to accompany Traditional ritual or Traditional Dance in our country..

But however , its also common if there is only Gamelan music only..

Mmm, how can l explain clearly about this kind of Music its heard then ? :D

If you ever heard Gamelan's sound , iam sure you will falling in love with the rhytm..

This gamelan also have like Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do , but in their different kind.. So its more hard to learning if l can try to explained :D

Learning about how to playing Gamelan is little hard difficult then learning another music intrument. WHY?

Because they had own their ritme ,each sounds , each rhytm.....but if you have a little heart to be patient then there you go!

This is called : Gamelan , one of Traditional Instrumental's which very famous in Indonesia also in the world.Even Indonesia Gamelan's have many type , but it will look so similar. The famous one was Gamelan Bali and Gamelan Jawa. Both of this This Gamelan's will created wonderfull composition of music for us.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Little Holiday in Town

Last week i've been to Car Free Day Area in my Town, it was in Darmo Street , Surabaya..
In every week,, every Sunday in Darmo Street Surabaya, all Vechile can not allowed this street in the morning untill 11 am..

 Why? Yes, because we have weekly event 'Car Free Day'.. You know , all this 2 Street will empty from vechile, like car and motorcyle. But Bike is allowed. The point of this event is to created public place to do sport in every week and also local entertainment for local people..

Not always only sport things, people also do like selling food, things and many more. Many community come also with their activities, like Unlimited Animal's Community' , Skate Board Community, Earth lover Community, and many more..

But the most things that i love when came to Car Free Day, i can enjoy every Food that able to sell in that time :DD, yes i love culinery so muchh!  After having fun on Car Free Day, i went to Heerlijk Cafe , RS. Darmo.. Old History Cafe in Center of Town!
    One Candid shoot on Car Free Day

    Choocolate Cheese Bread Toast

    Hot Chocolate

So because iam vegetarian , i order Chocolate Bread Toast and their Hot Chocholate :)
l love this Cafe , is located in Darmo Hospital , Surabaya.. so even no one not going sick in this hospital, dont worry, you can able to go to this Cafe. This Cafe located in front of the corner of that hospital. From the Darmo Street , you must be can see this Cafe with their light Green pastel colou'rs..

If you go inside the Cafe , you will see the interior of the cafe was so 'Vintage , mix of Surabaya hystorical and also Dutch..because Ducth Goverment ever stay here such for long time..

You can enjoy more in this Cafe because there many kind of chair type you can choose.. You can sit in wood chair , relax sofa , or also outdoor chair outside too see view arround the Cafe.

Enjoi !

Monday, 5 May 2014

Jogjakarta , The Kingdom of Java

I've been busy for so many last month , 
Today i want post my last journey (and i have unpost journey and hangout moment so many too hahaha..), just enjoy my first post after all !

In the end of march untill early april, im going to Jogjakarta. Jogjakarta is one of Kingdom city in Indonesia. They have own government, who still using King in their Kingdom as their highest authority to adjust Jogjakarta city. Jogjakarta is located in Central of Java Island, Indonesia (Another city / regional in each of my country isnt using Kingdom anymore).

I stay in Jogjakarta about 4 days, even I already went this city so many times before :D ( I also forget how many time I came there. iam sure also nect time i will come again for again :p ). But I always go to Jogjakarta with each different people and friends and never bored. So , for this journey, Iam going on March , 28 , untill 1st April. I stay in centre of city , so it make me and friend easy to go anywhere , to get anywhere , and to find any public facilities we need..

I will tell you the , most famous you must visited when you go to Jodjakarta:

Borobudur Temple 
This was the largest temple we use to know in Indonesia also arround the world (Borobudur is one of The 7's Greatest in the world with Wall of China, Eiffel Monment, Taj Mahal, Pyramid)..
This Temple was Buddhist Temple and you will see so many Buddhist Monumen here when you already going in the top of this temple. For the pic i taken, you will see the diffrent of the temple between Buddhist Temple and Hindu's Temple..

                                                                     Borobudur Temple

                                               Vrendeburg Museum


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sorry Seems to be The Hardest Word..

Taking the title of Blue&Elton John Song's "Sorry Seems to be The Hardest Word" 
i use that senteces to make new post tonight. why? because i listen it song again and again almost 1 week. Firstly because some contestant singing this song's in Indonesian Idol last friday night. I like the first paragraph when this song's started heard..But after sometimes really can feel that feeling of that lyric and music situation trying to describe..This the original lyric's :

What have I got to do to make you love me / What have I got to do to make you care / What do I do when lightning strikes me / And I wake to find that you're not there? / What have I got to do to make you want me / What have I got to do to be heard / What do I say when it's all over? / And sorry seems to be the hardest word //
It's sad (so sad) / It's a sad, sad situation / And it's getting more and more absurd / It's sad (so sad) / Why can't we talk it over? / Oh it seems to me / That sorry seems to be the hardest word //

What have I got to do to make you love me /What have I got to do to be heard / What do I do when lightning strikes me / What have I got to do?
What have I got to do / When sorry seems to be the hardest word?
 For me this song's is trying to telling that someone on sad-absurd situation like dont know what or how will do again, when trying to make the situation better or get back the relationship between both, but another person (their love one) already say can not..that's why there use word "Sorry seems to be The Hardest Words'"

At least all some site that i reead about the meaning of this sing was say the same like i used try to say..

for me also, if we love someone, we don't need again to say sorry because we do love them, or even say sorry when we want it's over, or even it's already over, or in the hardest situation also when they not love us back and they sorry to us..

if you really love that person , you will never say sorry and you will never asking back..
it's like pure love without excuse anything for asking back..if you find someone have love like that, you must be happy if they really love you.

 real love no need to say sorry #unknown love story movie

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

When l had rainy

Do you know ,

Some of people really love rain, they feel can singing and dancing under the rain and enjoy the moment..but some people first i was people who love dancing under the rain..until something last March, 2013..

Last one year, i suddenly hate rainy before i write down all of these here..not because it all wet and i had cool alergic weather. But it start someday, in March , 2013.. i do wait rain with someone that really at that time i dont want to be.. He is man, but he not care to me when rain drop's and doing busy with their mind of himself. Silent. Not talk. Not try to ice-breaking our cool sitation. Even i dont know sure what or how he think at that time. Oke , maybe iam too judge-ing. Let say it i was. But can you tell me correctly what you will do if you with an lady, let say she not ur GF, let say just fren, and you guys waiting under the rain, in some convinience store, nothing to do. He just sit, no give her jacket even know me im in cool and allergic with that. No word between ask. After the rain getting little heavy, we go under the rain by bike. He also not giving his jacket for me. At that time i say i love rainy in lips. But for sure i hate rainy so so so much in my heart because that situation.....

couple of month from this, something can change my mind and now i really love rain after some new things happend..

same situation happened with similar situation..i was waiting rain drop with convinience store also.but in another city, with diffrent situation..and this time give me new memories about rain..he give me to me.laugh to and eating..we wait rain untill it at least less, even not really stop.and you know, its not feel as long before, even i wait more longer time this time..

now rainy is something good to remember :) 

after next month again, i go somewhere with fren and got rain's a days even we are in hangout , but they never compalining the rain even destroys all our plan that day. but we changed to another plan to do.. and it's okay.

nowdays , everytime i see rain, then i will remember is such a nice experienced..good i wanted to dance and sing when its come today, when i sit in offcie couple of hour when rainy outside and do work, i see window with water drop's of such can can make me suddenly smile , remember that new experieced in my memory finally can change my mind about rainy..

thankyou ,

Saturday, 1 March 2014

The 7th Surabaya Fashion Parade - NIWASANA NUSANTARA 2014

Okey well,
The 7th Surabaya Fashion Parade call all Fashion student, Fashion worker, and all talented people in Fashion ! Yes, this year , 2014, Surabaya Fashion Parade will held 4 categories of competition with whole big theme : NIWASANA NUSANTARA 2014. This event will be held in 1st - 4th May 2014, at Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya , East Java. These the categories of the competition :

  • Surabaya Fashion Designer award 2014 
  • Surabaya Fashion Illustrator award 2014
  • Casual Men's wear Fashion Designer design competition
  • Surabaya Model Search
For more information and registration rule's , you guys can come to Tunjungan Plaza Receptionist.

How to Cheer - Up Your Day When Start Getting Bored

It's Saturday night!! it means time to enjoy and forget all the mess daily routinities : D
yes we are..Okeh, before we go to celebrate this weekend, firstly i want to share something. Yes, maybe this post can help you cheer your day, or maybe, your life which start getting bored, or maybe sucks flat..

i write this post, because couple of week's i have feel bored of my life..but now, its BIG NO..
i dont know exactly when it's start feel good or being NO NO NO flat, but i think, because of that i did all the of these  :

Yes, this is the first important thing you must to do.. Why? because you dont need to be somebody else. Everyone not only born to be unique and special, but trust me, everyone is worth it to be loved. If you not love yourself first, how can another people loving you? Not only that point. But the tragic one is, maybe you can try to see closedly with your heart, and see people arround you already love yourself, but you, yes you, the only one who not love yourself.. So? Love yourself! Dont waste time again, baby. With loving your self, will make you have great strength and can do amazing thing that will make your day colourfull!

Smile, is one of magic thing that easily you can do daily and everytime.. Try it, it's so easy, it's free, but it so give positive effect for you and world! You don't believe it? Go outside house, walking down the street, and when you meet someone you never know, just smile to them! Feel the effect of smile after that :)
I ' ve been try this way, that's why i can share to you..Before, in my company, i was new employee and have no friend. Untill someday i smile to 1 worker , 2 worker , 3 worker, .........etc. I smile again 1 employee, 2 employee, 3 employee, ........etc. Maybe now i can smile to thousand people in my life. After that, i have many good friend in office, also outside office. Beside that, i do many new things with all this new friend :)

"Dream's can passionate our life" , yes , yes ,yes , that word's is true..when you have dream's, you have something you love to do continuely beside your daily things. It will make you more live, more passionate! If you don't have dream yet, at least, you must know something that you passion on. It can be fashion , art, cooking, travelling, science, music, and else. Every people is different. Create your passion, and do!

You know the Magically word's in the world? yes, "Thank You", have you already say thanks everyday to people? or maybe, excuse, say THANKS TO GOD? mmm, if you're not, you wrong..Life start wonderfull when you start say thank magically word. Say it louder now, and magic will come to you !!

Happy weekend, hopefully your day wil be colourfull and getting bored it just about past story :)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sunday Market // Love Affair

Hi readers,

 Last sunday i was going to some urban event in my lovely city , Surabaya. This cool event named : Sunday Market, and this 5th Sunday Market is : Love Affair! You know, im so happy to joy this event,,, why? because, i finally found this urban local event like in Jakarta. Fyi, before i was in Jakarta in 2010 - 2013 and see many many urban event and another cool local things..Thats why, when im back in end of 2013 and knowing this Sunday Market, im so much Happy! :))

I go to this event with some of fren's by car, then its so paking, also inside Mall, Surabaya Town Square..Mmmm, i think this is really cool event! Thats why all people , all young or adult also, come here! 

                                                 one of displaying bewteen neckalce's meet nature wood

                                                           this is the ornmanet display in one of booth in flea market that i love

                            loook how beautifull this handmade material flower on plastic vase!it's local product!

                                                  lovely sweety cookies with colourfull topping from choholate icing! 

and readers, here' s the Logo of Sunday Market and the Paper's :

                                                               The Sunday Market Logo's

                                                                 The Love Affair News Paper

                                    One of display product in Flea Market that i love to take pick :))

                                                            another second things // watch

                                         nah ! this is my favourite neckle's from all the neckle sell on that market :))

Friday, 21 February 2014

Solo Batik Fashion Carnival

Cherish September ! is September 2013, because i got number for my first i join this Fashion Design competition because my brother invited me to join..even it was in last minute.1 week before its closed.I was working hard to make Theme , Concept, make Moodboard, Sketch, and Sew..But thanks GOD, all is done well. i prepared all of this less than 2 weeks..thankyou also for my accidently model, PM. Suganda :))

look at her, this is her first catwalk, guess what's her job? he is nurse :D , but for her first time, she's GREAT!

PM. Suganda and Solo Batik Fashion Booth Public

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Double memories in Solo City

Last September 2013, i was going to Solo City , for some Fashion Event. i mean, Fashion Design Competition. Yes, i am being one of Solo Batik Fashion Carnival Finalist  for Fashion Design Competition that they happy iam! first person that i must say thanks is Ali Mahmudin, My brother somewhere :D , yes he told me about this competition and help me for all administration competition..

I flash back all that happened, after they call me, i've got busy to prepare all the things for my wardrobe, my stuff , also my model! i have no model who stay in Solo city, that's why in urgent i ask help my sister best friend  to be an accidently model for catwalk :D

I go by bus to Solo City, but  before, I go to Jogjakarta City first. Why? yes, i want make new memories about this city..I go alone by my self only, but somehow, when Friend know me I was on Jogjakarta, then suddenly he called me to meet up. Thanks Oto to accompany me walking arroung Jogjakarta before I go Solo City (even i know well this city)..

Jogjakarta and Solo was only 1 hour, I go by local train..then stay in my model house..I Love Solo, this is small city, have rich culture, nature, but they have modern event like Solo Fashion Carnival! so, I enjoy my 4 days in Jogjakarta and Solo city to join competition. But you know, I got many  bonus : meet up with closed friend from Jakarta (yes they come from Solo to accompany me!) , go holiday arround city, meet new talented people in fashion industries, and I got number in this competition..but i say thankyou alot to GOD:)

When i arrived Jogjakarta Alun  alun, near Musem Vandeberg  i found some event, they display manequin from wood using colourfull T-Shirt

 This is Reog Ponorogo Dance, one of famous traditional d Fashion Carnival Dance from East Java, my Province, but i found it in Solo, in Batik Fashion Canival Street
          Another Reog Ponorogo Dance , Take from side

 This is one of Traditional Local Transportation with many creation of colourfull paper's

            This is Indonesia Wayang's (Wayang is like traditional hereoes figure in Indonesia) 
     This is Hanoman, the most famous Wayang' s figure

              I dont know what's that, is like man using cow / pitbull's mask and else