Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Is there someone outside there ever going to Bali ?

Do you stay in Ubud ? yah, let say visit Ubud for few moments. You will love this place. Its bring you to feel the nature, whispering what universe singing by the hills and the waterfall arround..

If you reach Bali, Ngurah Rai Airport, you can reach Ubud by Taxi, Aiport Pick Up, or you can use your Hotel Accomodation. Last time I ask Taxi corner and my Hotel service, it charge me arround Rp. 300.000,- Rupiah (30 USD). It was costly for me, So l take decision to stay in Kerobokan, Seminyak , rent Motor Cylce, and drive to the Ubud.

Kerobokan to Ubud only arround 40Km's and l spent arround 1 hour and 15 minutes. Its nice to have driving time from the center of tourism to the silent place like Ubud. We will familiar to see the coconut island island, rice field , waterfall , river, hills, etc..

Ubud is famous as the hill's or high land in Bali. Not high as real mountain, but Ubud still have a cool weather. It the best place to relaxing, doing meditation, yoga, sport, and seeing deeply the local culture.

In Ubud, you still will seeing so many tourist and foreigner arround the world having holiday or traveling. They may interest to come to the cool and natural place like Ubud. They can enjoy food, local culture, good weather, and the city life (Ubud life). Yes, Ubud like a small local city inside Bali. This place have all the facilities to entertaint the tourist. The local one, or the global one.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Ubud Writers Festival 2017

Hi People, 

This event routine be held in every year in Ubud , Bali , Indonesia since 2002. Many writer , participant , and reader comes from arround the world. 

In this event, into one of the world’s most celebrated literary and artistic events – an annual pilgrimage for lovers of literature and conversation. Is not only writers were come and sharing they're book and they're literature. But also we had film, music, poet, dance to share in live performance. 

This event held in October , 26 , 2017 untill October , 29 , 2017. All participants and readers have many tight schecule to choose to come the session or perfomance live. There is some main schedule for common participants, workshop, poetry slam , music live perfomance, and many more.

More about Ubud Writers Festival :

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Whats You Favourite Breakfast ?


Whats your plan for breakfast today?
Its Pancake with Caramel Syrup?
Its Fruit Waffle?
Its Rice?
Its Soup?
Its Bowl of Cereal?
Its American Breakfast?
Its Bread Toast?

For whatever your breakfast are, its good to start your day always with (good) brekfast. Isnt always the big one. But the important is your body have some. Breakfast is important to give nutrition to every part of our body, that will busy doing in a days.

Short Journey to Malang (Again)

Well, l had so long time not writing on my blog. I think quite busy. Or lazy? Hahaha.. 

I will telling story about my last short journey to Malang. Hehehe, again Malang. Yes. I went to Malang last month ago maybe when all of us got bored and stuck with our reality. I and some of friends went to some beach and enjoy culinary. We start went from Surabaya arround 10.00pm and on the way on our journey, sometime we were take rest for relax or ate. 

In first time, we want to Body Tubing on River, in near Kondanglegi, Malang. Then finaly we change our destination to the beach. Hehehe.. So after long journey on the road Surabaya to Malang, we stop to having late dinner or (early breakfast?) In Ria Jenaka resto. After that we continue our journey to the beach..

Kondang Merak Beach , Malang

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Bandung , The Mostly Hate thing's for me


l posting this one from my Bandung when l was sitting in some chair at Bandung Airport, on my way back to my town in today. Mm, yap, this little city. Bandung. lf l can't say to all of you.. l hate this ciy, because actually l have an such un-describle feeling related this city. l don't know why. But l can tell you a little..

I never imagine l will have have memoeies or even reach this city, because Bandung was far away from my home. I don't have friend or family before whom stay on Bandung.

Till then l get kind like passed-free for University Studies. But un-lucky me, my mom not give me permission because it was so far from home, and also Bandung have too cold weather for me (at that time l have like cold iritation problem's). Okay that one was my first unfinishes bussiness with Bandung.

Next, after graduation from University (l go University in my city anw, in Surabaya), then l got job in Jakarta. In this job, l also often went to Bandunf to do my job. Start from then, l have more friends , relation, and also memories , once again with Bandung.

Lassst one, after l stayed in Jakarta 4th year, Bandung is very familiar for me. Its make me so easy falling in love with the kind of Bandung local man (we called it Sundanesse people). All l know, they're some love their parent's and religious. But, anw , l don't want ending my rest of life with Sundanesse man hahahahhaha 😂

Day by day, all of that reason we're arround my self. My unconsioussness. Because, l think l denial all that matter's, so the more l try to repress all my interesting to all Sundanesse man, the more lam trying to denial how l interest them. The more l say: l hate sundanesse. But, in fact, l think l more easy falling in love again with Bandung (even l hate it!.. Hahaha, still). l don't know, sometime it so easy that this city give me more feeling. Un-describeable. Unfinished feeling....

That l can't tell. But l can feel it.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Positive Vibes

Hello People,

Its monday. I know mostly everyone hate when monday come. But I was the kind of person that love monday , LOL, Pardon me, l lied. Okay so in this last monday in march, I want to talking about 'Positive Vibes'.

What is that? 
And do we always have positive vibes as human?

Every human feel free to feel anything about their emotions to react what happened in their life. I hope we never feel guilty by feel dissapointed with what-you-not-do in life or, maybe you give wrong's reaction or respond's to what happened in your life. Thats why, the first one can do is feel aware about everything.

Aware to your self, what wants, what its trying tranfering knowledge nd challenge to you. After you aware about anything at all, spread your vibes. The positive one. Positive Vibes doesnt meant always in good-positive situation or feeling. But it mostly how we react something (even the bad or hardest one) to be that 'cool' one. Yeap!

What you decide to reaction or respond's something is show who you are and what kind of people are you.

Which on are you when you feel free to choose to be positive vibes?


Sunday, 12 March 2017

I Dont Know If I Can Found Heaven in Madura Island

Hei All.

I just come back to the heaven , oups sorry I mean Holiday. Hahaha.. So where is the heaven I dound was yesterday ? :D Most people only know about Bali , Labuan Bajo , Raja Ampat when heard about Indonesia. But what about another unfamous island in my country? Do you ever imagine about going to Indonesia and advanture one island to another island? Or just go direct to the small unfamous island that I recommend to you? Let's talk about Madura Island. The place that my father come. Hahahha. 

This posting isnt my first time to write about Madura Island, cause in the couple of time ago, I wrote about my holiday in Gili Labak Island. If you read that posting first and now read this posting, you will know that Madura Island is quite enough to mark on your bookmark list of holiday or advanture.I will upload also some picture here about my last holiday in Madura Island, but l need time to move it first from my mobile phone. Fyi, yesterday I dont bring my Dslr, because l think l just want to enjoy the nature and jump to the sea :D

I need 2 days to go to some destination in Madura Island, I go there with my community, Backpacker Indonesia.com, Regional Surabaya , to celebrate this community anniversary for the 6th's. We went to Madura Island from Surabaya City in Saturday early morning (arround 01.00 AM) with rute like this:

01.00-04.30 : Went by Bus from Surabaya to Madura Island (From Bungurasih Terminal)
04.30-05.30 : Take rest, Take Prayers
05.30-06.00: Went by Public Transportation 
06.00-07.00 : Sailing with Traditional boat
07.00-11.00 : Reach Gili Genting and we explore 9's Beach 
11.00-12.00 : Went to Kahuripan Beach
12.00           : Reach Kahuripan, Go camping and explore the island !

Some pic of mine: 
 Landscape that we can enjoy after reach Madura  & Go by Local Rent Car in 30 Minute's

 Enjoying Sembilan Beach when we waiting another Local Transport that pick up us

The way we go from 9's Beach & We ever get lost and then found green savana

 Our Local Transport. This time our Car had trouble and we stopped in somewhere in the island

 Welcome in Kahuripan !

The Kahuripan Landscape & Iam looking some hill for jumping tomorrow
I swear I was jumping from there, but I still looking for my picture from my friend's camera. LOL

Swimming lalalala..

Do Zumba Dance and Yoga in Outdoor were so aweosme.

 This Cooking Presentation is show that we can cook , do plating and win cooking compettion :D

Here small of the part of that join this trip.

Happy 6th Anniversary, BPI Indonesia Reg. Surabaya!
Thanks to give awesome event in our trip. The Outdoor Yoga , The Zumba Dance , The Cooking Competition, The Sharing Moment, The Swim & Jump Time , The Explore Island are very2 make me excited :D

Love you all.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

My Honest Stories about My Amazing Lucky Life

hello people,

l think it was so long time ago after my last post about papaya jam hehehe.. And l hope🙏  you guys are miss me. at least, you read this posting. Well , today l will posting about something deep (just maybe).

Most people today knowing l have happy Life and they said l was A-Lucky-Person , maybe? With good job, nice thing's, can do anything , have time and money for holiday, have great time with friend's , family and other's, did what l did, get my dream's, all eyes was see me, and so long list that they said.

Who l think l was? And who they think I am? Do they know what l already through and passed a 30's year? Or just judge me by what l enjoy today! Come on...... I am not wicthed nor magical, people.  l am not the rich person with count1,2,3 and everything happened. l am just human. l through pain , sadness, dissapointed , left by, for over and over, for many couple's year's. But its made me today. My self that they saw l was. A person that they called l was lucky because l have that thing's, that things, enjoy that, go anywhere l like, blablabla.....

Do any one know's, l passed my chilhood with almost crying because my parent's is always fighting everyday and let me to be honest if my family doesnt perfect like other family outside there? Do any one know's, when most kid's were playing outside there or go to fancy place with they're mom and dad, l was busy selling something to get money? To make me can buy things that l need like any other girls outside? 

Or maybe l was busy writing some article and send it to all the kids-magazine's l read before in post office seller (l even can not buy the magazine at that time!). Everyday after l send my article to the magazine's , l always busy to come to the post office seller to borrow the magazine and check quick "Do-My-Article-Was-There?". But its not. Its very dissapointed me at that time. Very.  Cause it just the one that l think it will be make me happy or proud as a kids at that time.  And I know how its feel untill I was in this age. Because it's mean  alot for me, like l was waste my money, my time, anything. But l finally learn since when l kids, that sometimes in life we can not always get what we want. 

Yeep, l learn  alotsince  l was at that age. Since when evrything turns not well for  girls whom just only at 5 y/o..

I still remember wqahen everyone go sleep on their bed, its sure l was woke up over there. lf anyone maybe have their own house or room, l must move from one to another room-rent after a couple of time, or l and my mom was living in my older-aunty. Yeah, l dont have permanent house at that time  after all.  You know, l even dont know what address should l mention on my student book/form's in every opening year class. Do you? l was.

I never know how its feel when your dad or mom coming to see your perfomance in school, or just come to your class to see your final result class with other student's parents. Its very hard time for me. And once again l was. One more thing, when l am playing as guard in my basketball team, at least my dad or mom see l was played. But is not. Same time when l was in college, lam being the best player in my futsal team and my team was won, but they not there. Same thing like l won in fashion competition  when l was in teenage, I wish l can see mom and dad in my front row, but l was never met them over there. Do l sad? Yes. Do l hate them or my life? Never. I know all is process. l know all that situation will teach me much things to learn. Made me like who lam today. The brave one, and have gratitude mentality attitude for any little things l had.  I still thanks about How-I-Can-Still-Have-These-Feeling. Thankyou, Allah. 

Its just little stories about who lam in the past, or about how l through my journey of life then finally l found my self like today.  Just like they see me now like l was.  If they see me like always-happy-girl typical person, then l feel so blessed. Exactly l was happy to be who l am today. Even l also ever feel guilty when l made mistake last couple of years ago with doing something stupid, or like at that time l still can not manage my own emotional feeling, or l ever feeling so bad when someone leave mefor another person and l felt dumbed at that time, but today I say thanks.  l qam happy to passed all the things with me.. I feeling blessed to met all that awfull things and moments thats make shapes in my every of me.

Today l am being a person that able to see anything from another perspective (l still  learn but), learn to see that everything happened to me is okay to be happened. To feel good when everything happened not like you planned. To feel it doesnt matter you cry when you sad or its okay you have big laugh when you just happy, or scream when you scare. Its emotional experienced. Human allow to feel and express it. From what we feel about our deep feeling and what happened to our self, we can be the honest person in this life and create our new self. New self that aware with everything will happened to our self and life. To be the person whom ready to face and through the storm in life.

We became more brave, because we honest.  Honestly lead us to  the level that in fact we know we can make or do mistake, to know that over our hand, there is another Big Amazing Hands that will shake's everything.

So, be brave if you finally do make mistake , fix it, and make it better.


Monday, 19 December 2016


Have you ever heard or tasted about Papaya Jam before? I think not. Hahaha, I falling in love about Papaya Jam since the first time when the first time I ate in breakfast time at Grand Serela Kuta Bali last holiday. After that time I was being Papaya jam lover. Thats why I want to share about how to make a homemade Papaya Jam. I done this weekend. Yipiiiiii !

So this was the ingredients:
- A Half of Papaya
-2 Spoon of White Sugar
-100 cc Mineral Water

How to Make:

Cleaning out and peeled the Papaya and cut it into some part (Or if you like the soft texture, you can blended it with juicer machine). After that, put papaya, sugar and water on the pan. Boiled it away. Until boiling. If you're think its enough boiled, lift up. Move in to open space like bowl. After its cool, then move to the jar. Keep it in cool place like icebox.

Today, l eat my papaya jam with lndian Flat Bread's (Mashala)

Friday, 16 December 2016

Solo City Tour


Is there anyone going to Solo? I hope no one. Hahahaha , so I will telling you my story how do I love to explore this city. Solo, is one of small city in Central Java , Java Island , Indonesia. Solo ini meski kota kecil, dia punya keistimewaan khusus dan tidak kalah dengan kota tetangga nya (Jogjakarta). Kenapa? Karena Solo juga memiliki Keraton, sama seperti Jogja. Selain itu, banyak hal yang bisa dinikmati di kota kecil ini. Terutama , kalau kamu hobi koleksi atau penikmat barang antik, vintage , kolonial. 

Kamu wajib ke Solo. Memang Kemana ?

Ini dia beberapa destinasi wajib, baik destinasi untuk memanjakan mata dan dompet , ataupun lidah. 


Siapa yang tidak suka kuliner waktu traveling? Hahahaha. Orang tidak suka traveling pun akan doyan kuliner. Kenapa Warung Selat? karena Selat Solo merupakan makanan khas dari kota Solo. Lalu kenapa Warung Selat Solo Mbak Lies ? Saya suka makan enak , sehat tempat unik, ambivalence menyenangkan. Jadi, Warung Mbak Lies ini memenuhi semua kriteria saya itu mengenai kuliner :D, selain itu harganya masih masuk akal. 

Range Harga Minuman :
< 10 ribu s/d 20 ribuan
Range Makanan :
15 ribuan s/d 50 ribuan
(tergantung porsi biasa atau luar biasa)

Seperti apa sih memang Warung Selat Solo Bu Lies ini?
Oke jadi saya jelaskan sedikit, biar kalian penasaran dan datang kesana hhahaha (tanpa unsur promosi, meski saya asli Solo ya). Jadi, warung ini memang masung gang kecil, tetapi lokasi gampang ditemukan karena semua orang Solo juga tahu tempat ini. Apalagi, sekarang sudah ada Google Maps dan Google Voice, udah deh taraat sampai kan. Begitu tiba, kalian akan merasa seperti berada diantara toko kelontong dan tempat nongkrong Mexico ala Indonesia. Loh, apa sih maksud penjabaran saya ini? Lihat bebrapa poto ini. Kalimat apa yang tepat yang bisa menggambarkan ambivalence ini ?

Ini dia Warung Selat Slo Bu Lies

Warung Selat Solo Bu Lies tidak buka cabang menjadi Welcoming Board 

    Mexican ala ala Indonesia

    Kasir aja udah lucu begini :D    

Awas nggak jadi ke toilet gegara liatin ini

"live Show" karyawan menyiapkan masakan 


    Ini menu-menu andalan mereka :

    Selat Galatin 

    Selat Solo (Lidah)

 Ini lokasinya :


Selain kuliner, kalian juga bisa menikmati keunikan lain di kota Solo, yaitu Pasar Triwindu.

Kalau kebanyakan pasar menjual kebutuhan sehari-hari, mungkin di beberapa kota wisata pasar merupakan tempat menjual oleh-oleh. Tetapi ada yang unik di Solo, Pasar triwindu. Pasar ini saya bilang unik karena dia hanya menjual barang-barang anti dari keratonan Surkarta (Keraton Solo), Barang-barang antik rumah tangga ataupun kolonial. Mungkin tidak hanya itu, ada beberapa benda-benda antik lainnya yang akan menarik mata hati kalian kalau kalian memang pecinta seni, kolektor, pecinta sejarah, penikmat vintage. 
Cobalah datang.
Bagi Kalian yang tinggal di Jakarta, mungkin kalian pernah tahu deretan penjual barang bekas antik di JL. Surabaya, Jakarta. Nah mungkin fungsinya sama kurang lebih sama dengan tempat tersebut, tetapi untuk Pasar Triwindu ini barang-barangnya jauh lebih lengkap. Kalau saya pribadi, sangat suka dengan piring-piring kuno jaman kolonial dan benda antik semacam telephon, jam weker, dll.
Lalu bagaimana mendapatkan harga terbaik? Kalian tentunya arus memiliki skill tawar-menawar. Jangan takut untuk mencoba ya.
Ini lokasi Pasar Triwindu menurut Google Maps (dari Stasiun Solo Balapan):

Kan ke SOlO sangat menarik ?!