hey all,

i mention this 'office' in one of my page in this blog because i finally know that many people confushing about taking decision what job or occupation they should take for theirselves..

first of all,

i want say, if you now just graduated from senior high school, becareful to choose the field in your next study (university), because it will give big impact to your next job / occupation (even some job are welcoming for all major or maybe some people already have job with no related with their major..but please don't take this case for your future case too..). so, what you should to do now is rewind all, what your interest to will lead you,what major you will take.please make bold, that hobby and interest is different.not all hobby became your job.but what you are interest in,its possible to be your next job......oke, if you confushing,

 i give you real story:

" i interest with human, something deep, give people motivate & developt them, i interest to something detail other side, i live fashion, trabelling, art, photography, and also extreme sport"

*from all that i told you, can you guess what is my job for now ?

 i was human resources in one of manufacture company..haha, so how can i still enjoy my passion?i go travelling and take nice picture,and write this blog nah!

please , feel again, what you best in what ?

not only the passion or you want to do, because , sometime we are so difficult to make the different between passion and something we wan to do!


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